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A Midland-based interior design firm has expanded its warehousing capabilities and streamlined its warehouse expenses through the use of lean storage practices.
View full sizeThis "after" photo shows what Midland based Space Inc.'s warehouse looked like after officials implemented lean storage practices. The Michigan ottoman bed features hydraulic gas lift arms that raise the mattress base revealing huge amounts of storage space. The frame will remain upright once lifted to give you both hands free to remove or store items underneath.
Supplied with a woven cloth which fits over the base of the bed so you are not storing items directly onto your bedroom floor.
The inside Storage Height is 25cm on all sizes, allowing the metal mattress frame to sit slightly below the level of the footboard and siderails. The mattress support system is made of wooden sprung slats, held in place by plastic clips which fit neatly into the metal frame.
The Memory Foam Mattress is a temperature sensitive, pressure-relieving mattress that moulds itself to the contours of your body. Our Memory Foam Mattresses give your body optimum support & comfort meaning a restful and more comfortable sleep. Conforming to every contour of your body, the pressure relieving qualities will help to ensure your neck, back, shoulders & legs receive the proper support they need.

Your entire body is supported in the correct anatomical position, which allows your spine to experience the best natural sleeping posture. The reduction of pressure points, decrease the need to toss & turn during the night, providing a more restful and undisturbed sleep. Our memory foam mattresses are manufactured here in the UK using top quality materials and will arrive vacuum-packed and rolled for ease of transport. All you have to do is unpack it, leave it to settle and the memory foam will re-form itself into a very comfortable mattress with a medium-firm orthopaedic comfort level.
Comprises of 1 inch memory foam and 5 inch reflex foam and is suitable for a person up to approx 80kg in weight.
Comprises of 2 inch memory foam and 6 inch reflex foam and is suitable for a person up to 100kg in weight or those who want just a bit more comfort than the standard 6 inch mattress. Comprises of 2 inch memory foam and 8 inch reflex foam and is suitable for a person up to 130kg in weight or for those people who want the best of everything or simply prefer to sleep in a higher position. Memory foam was originally developed by NASA to relieve pressure build up from the G-force experienced by astronauts during lift off. Now you can not only experience these pressure relieving qualities while you sleep, but also, as memory foam absorbs motion you will not feel your partner's movements allowing you to sleep more soundly.
The University of Toronto and Dow Kokam recently unveiled an energy storage system in an urban Toronto community that will allow for the storage and distribution of electricity when needed. The Dow Kokam Battery Pack display at the North American International Auto Show at Cobo Hall in Detroit.

In 1949, Charles and Ray Eames developed a new system of free-standing multifunctional shelves which were constructed strictly in accordance with the principles of industrial mass production.
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The interior design firm expanded its warehousing capabilities and streamlined its warehouse expenses through the use of lean storage practices.
As a variable kit it offered almost unlimited opportunities to combine the prefabricated items to practical and decorative aspects.
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To achieve this, they cleared floor space in their warehouses by using racks to store furniture components vertically.

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