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Recobre sobre esta pA?gina todos los precios y todas las informaciones para comprar vuestro videojuegos Xbox 360 Minecraft con serenidad. Step 1 LayoutYour base layout will need to be 3 blocks up off the ground. Start out by creating a rectangle that is 8 blocks wide by 11 blocks long. Step 2 Lever PositioningOn the right side of your layout, at the back, you will need to place a block.
Step 3 Sticky Pistons!Under your 2 block wide and 6 block long sides, you will need to clear out room. Step 6 WallsContinue building out your "L" shapes so that under the front of the sticky pistons there are two walls. Step 7 Block LayerAdd another layer of blocks under the bottom of the sticky pistons on both sides! Step 8 "Y"Directly below the block on the platform at the back of your drawbridge, make a "Y" shape.
Step 9 Redstone TorchesPlace redstone torches under every block that is below the sticky pistons.
Step 11 More Repeaters!If you're standing at the back of your drawbridge, look to your right.

Step 12 RedstoneUsing 2 redstone dust, attach the bottom of the "Y" with the 2 repeaters in front of it.Attach all the repeaters on the right side with redstone dust.
Step 14 Cover UpCover up all of the sticky pistons with a building material of your choice.
Check out our tutorials, post to the community corkboard, and come play on our free server!Looking to build an awesome one-way entrance into your base?
All you have to do is break all blocks directly under them. At the back under these platforms, add sticky pistons.
On both the left and right sides of the pillar you just created, you will need to make "L" (and a backwards L).
The repeater will be between the top of the "Y" shape at the back of your setup.In front of the "Y," place 2 repeaters so that they are facing away from each other. Make sure this trail of redstone is attached to the "Y" at the back!Don't forget to power the last piston at the back because we don't have a repeater there!And for the opposite side, do the same! Break the block that is directly below so that it reveals the top of the "Y" shape.Place 1 redstone dust on the top of the "L" shape that you just exposed.Lastly, place a lever on the top block!
Depending on whether you want the floor to blend in with your surroundings or not, this step may be a bit more difficult for you. You can add lava below your drawbridge to ensure that no one can get in without your permission!

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This means that in the image shown below, our lever will be placed at the back of the image on the solid platform.
This block will be placed 1 block from the back of the platform, and 3 blocks behind the 2 block wide line on the right side of your layout. These L's will be 1 block up and to the side of the pillar.It will look something like this when you finish adding your "L"s in! Make sure that you leave 1 block of room in between the repeaters so we can still power them! Using a total of 6 repeaters on each side, you will only be placing repeaters in front of five out of the total 6 blocks. This style of drawbridge can be completely hidden from unwanted enemies, so there's no need to worry!

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minecraft how to build a hidden treehouse

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