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This tutorial will cover all of the steps required to make an extremely efficient, organized, and safe storage room. To reset your password, type the full email address you use to sign in to your GamerU Account.
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Haven't you ever gone into your storage room and gotten so flustered because you couldn't find the item you were looking for. You will need dirt, build blocks of your choice, water bucket, lightning blocks, redstone torch, and redstone. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. This structure is easy to build, does not take much space and time, but it is very efficient.
Details:The design used for this storage room can be used in any type of server on Minecraft. It is an extremely organized yet safe storage room that will keep out almost everyone that you don't want going in, including most hackers. Once you have found the perfect spot start digging down until you are one block above the first layer of bedrock. This is to ensure that if someone is using a hacked client they wont see a giant hole leading straight into your storage room. You won't want to make ladders or stairs leading into it because it just gives an easy way in for unwanted guests. You will notice that being down this low in the map that you will find a lot of ores and possibly even diamonds while digging the room out.

Starting from one corner where you put the column of glowstone or stone and ending at the other column.
Make each chest into a double chest and only leave a space of 1 block horizontaly between each double chest. Stack each chest on top of each other so that it is 4 chests high with a 1 block gap between the ceiling. Place the furnaces so that they go all the way to the ceiling.The majority of the work is done now. When you first start using this layout of the storage room it might take you a little while to label the signs but the more you do it the faster it will get.
When I first started making this storage room it took me maybe 3 hours or more to do all of the work. But after having done it so many times and with the help of a friend I can complete it in anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. The sign on the bottom correlates to the column of chests on the left, while the top sign correlates with the column of chests on the right.
At this point you are probably confused at what I am talking about but if you check out the picture it should help clear some things up. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WAY I ORGANIZE THE CHESTS Putting colored wool on the walls is not necessary but it is extremely helpful when you are trying to find the correct wall. And if you notice each wall has blocks that are very similar so it is easier to find what you are looking for.
CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES OF EACH STEPThe steps mentioned above are basically all there is to making the storage room.
Safety Precautions:Dig seven blocks out on each wall and make a 1 wide trench that outlines the storage room.

There should now be six blocks between the trench and the storage room.On the top of the storage room dig a two high trench while making sure to leave at least 5 blocks between you and the storage room. If you do these two things to your storage room you will be basically unraidable if you claim the land.
The purpose of leaving 6 blocks between the trench on each wall is to prevent people using hacked clients from freecamming into the room and looting your chests. Because you are down at bedrock putting water underneath the storage room really isn't necessary but doesnt hurt to have some just in case the people raiding your base find a pathway through the bedrock. If you want a way to the surface all you need to do is build a Trap door on the wall, stand in it, log out, and when you log back in you will be at the surface. If you want to make the storage room even safer you can do only 2 chests high in each column and put a block over each chest to ensure that people won't be able to open your chests. This really isn't necessary though because the only unwanted people who will get into your storage room are people using crazy hacks( This storage room can pretty much prevent most hackers even people using Nodus), and then of course there are the staff who abuse their OP powers which in this case no storage room can protect you from them. You can also add layers of obsidian around the storage room but that is very time consuming.Lastly make sure that you put a few chests in the hollow area inside the furnaces and use this as a place to store all of your valuable items. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICTURES OF THE SAFETY PRECAUTIONSI hope this tutorial helps everyone out with making a great storage room that is easy to use and is very organized and safe at the same time.

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