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Want to have a small dwelling space or a studio away from home - get a modern shed built in your own backyard from a prefab shed kit. To view other videos like these ones, please check our 3D Tour section or our Youtube Channel! This flexible pref-fab cabin kit makes a perfect Tool Shed, Storage Shed, Garden Shed, Backyard Office, Guest House, Yoga Studio, Reading Room, Artists Studio, Cabin or Bunkie. All Modern-Shed Prefab Cabin Kits are constructed in our factory and arrive panelized, ready for rapid installation. MetroCABIN was developed in direct response to those customers looking for a larger pre-fab modern space.
The MetroCABIN is Transportable Architecture; a distinctive pre-fab structure built in a factory and assembled by our team or you on your site.
Pictured above from left to right: the MetroCABIN shown in Cabin Series, Zip Series and Shelter Series.
Not just good design, smart design – Our efficient interior layouts give you a compact space with big-space comfort and function. Complete package – Our building packages contain everything needed to build your MetroCABIN: pre-assembled wall panels, doors, windows, the roof system, siding, trim and the interior parts. Value – We manufacture our buildings in a controlled factory environment with the use of specialized jigs. Smart division of labor – At the heart of our building methodology is the use of efficient factory techniques together with the skills of your local builder.
Green build, quality materials – We are eco-considerate when choosing our materials, in our work methods, and when designing to meet specific client needs. Floor System: Foundation pads and risers, perimeter beams and engineered joists, plywood sub-floor. If you are in need of some extra storage space, but you also want something unique to decorate your backyard with, this shed has all that you are looking for: natural wood, modern design, and an inviting interior. The Niki is big enough for a small office, guest house, pool house or sauna in your backyard. With a Cottage Kit by Modern-Shed converting an unused patch of land into a luxurious Backyard Cottage is easier than you might think.

Highly versed with Modern-Shed Cottage Kit installation the construction company conducted a site visit to familiarize themselves with the location and site conditions. From the date of original contact it was only a couple of weeks before their Pre-Fab Cottage Kit was assembled and the moved in. If you would like a Backyard Cottage like this please contact Westcoast Outbuildings today.
From the day your order your Pre-Fab Shed Kit to the day it’s ready to ship from our factory it is 3-5 weeks. It’s a livable getaway cabin, a studio, an extra room, a cabana, or a mountain retreat. Our structures are light-filled, with some featuring high, dramatic ceilings and exposed beams. This enables us to work very efficiently reducing our labor costs while still delivering a high quality product.
In the factory where efficiencies are high, we manufacture THE WALL SECTIONS, and PRECISION cut ALL NEEDED PARTS. Miscellaneous: Full instructions for assembly and all screws, nuts, bolts and hardware needed to complete the job. A couple of days later they then followed up with a quote to assemble the Modern-Shed Cottage Kit. The installation also included a new electrical feed with sub-panel originating from the houses many electrical panel. The simple and sophisticated design allows it to exist easily in an urban setting, while the quiet strength and sturdy attitude are comfortable in a more rugged environment. It’s engineered to exacting specifications and built with the highest quality materials. On the site, your builder prepares the foundation, assembles the structure, and installs the services. Consider buying one of our furnishings packages for a cost-effective foundation to base the interior design scheme on. The Wales garden shed is equipped with large doors for easy access, two windows to let in a lot of sunlight, and a long canopy perfect for a veranda, so you can spend time inside and out.

The natural wood, modern design, and an inviting interior will make the perfect pool house or garden shed. This division of labor is what makes prefab a smart and affordable solution TO YOUR BUILDING NEEDS.
For a completely customized design solution, our friends at the BoConcept Design Team can work with you to develop the perfect plan.
The design of this shed makes for not only a useful storage facility but also as a decorative center piece of your yard.
If you are looking for a modern shed, pool house or the best looking structure for your backyard – this is your answer.
All the pieces of your shed are pre-built and finished, so the assembly is quick and uses only a few tools. This strong attractive feature is the ceiling and the roof deck, all in one modern package. Call the guys over for a Saturday afternoon and before you know it you can be filling it with tools or creating a outdoor haven where only the boys are allowed. These modern sheds are growing increasingly popular as people are wanting an extra space outside of the home.
The kids will love hanging out in their own a€?housea€? a€“ where they can play and have a space to call their own. Whether youa€™re wanting an office outside of home, but still close to home, or simply an extra storage place for the lawnmower and slow-blower, the Modern-Shed can supply you with the prefab shed kits you need. The cabin has an 8′ gliding front door, 4 operating awning-type windows and a fixed transom window over the door.

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