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For the parent who shudders at the thought of a plastic playhouse in the backyard, Modern Shed's new kids' edition comes in unfinished wood ready to be painted or stained. Plascon Wall & All can be applied directly to new and previously painted plaster and concrete, wood, and various building boards. For whatever purpose you decide to use your garden shed, hut or wendy for, decorate the space to blend in or stand out. Choose a basic design for your garden shed, hut or wendy house and then add on elements that make it unique.
Check with the supplier as to the options they offer for modifications to existing designs. More than just a place to store your garden tools, or hide away your junk in my case, a garden shed or wendy hut is an easy way to add a garden room to your outdoor space if you're not into DIY or looking for something out-of-the-ordinary. Many homeowners tend to overlook the option of adding a room to the garden, as opposed to extending their home.
A quiet corner or shady spot would be perfect, and even if you don't have any trees in the garden yet - you can always plan around the placement of the hut. Shade is also an element to consider if you plan to use a hut or shed as a working space, as you want a room that's cool during the hot summer months. Increase the size of a small garden shed, hut or wendy house by adding on a new addition, just as you would to add an extra room to your home. Not all garden rooms need to be pretty, there's also a place for a more modern or contemporary design. Design ideas for a small modern gender-neutral kids' room in San Francisco with white walls. Sheds in the Great DepressionWith the financial and market meltdown one of two things may be happening: You are moving home to live with Mom, or you are mom or dad and the kids are moving back with you.

Add-ons include vinyl-composition floor tiles and panels that give a look reminiscent of the Eameses' Case Study House.
Here in South Africa there are a wide range of designs for garden sheds, huts and Wendy Houses. Paint allows you to be creative in so many ways, and Plascon Wall & All can be tinted in your choice of colours. Make the interior comfortable by adding furniture that fits and then give it a cosy feel with the addition or matching curtains and rugs. Plant up boxes with seasonal annuals so that they are filled with colour throughout the year. Simply by swapping out an IBR sheeting roof with a shingle or tile roof makes a big difference. If you consider the difference in cost between a garden room (around R8000 for a reasonably sized wendy house) to that of around R50,000 for a small extension - you really are saving a lot of money.
You can add on elements as and when you can afford them to create a wonderful garden room or an outdoor room.
One of the most popular DIY trends today is design hacking - or to transform a basic design into something completely different. But I love the idea of buying a ready-made garden shed and transforming it into a sanctuary for the garden.
And what about all those new arts and crafts projects you've been working on with the kids? Buying a garden shed that's already assembled means you have more time to spend tweaking it here and there to make it perfect for your garden. Once your garden hut or wendy house is placed in location, all that's left is for you to add the finishing touches.

How cool would it be to have a dedicated art shed, so your kids would be inspired to stay involved in more creative projects on an ongoing basis? Or maybe you could use a spare guest quarters to give a little privacy to the in-laws when they come for more extended visits? There are almost limitless ways in which these modern sheds can be used.
And luxury empires are establishing credos on issues their customers are still waking up to.
Behind the scenes, trailblazing executives are taking big risks to make it all happen — beautifully. And later on if your needs change, you can change things up a bit and convert your office back over into a studio or bedroom. Here's a cool video that will show you how one owner customized his cartoon design studio to fit in with their existing home. This shed is where I sort things out, make notes of what I will plant, and store and dry seeds. During the growing season I spend several hours a week in here; on warm summer nights I take my mattress and sleep out there.
Unfortunately, not that many could afford it.One of the first to recognize a niche for small, modern garden prefabs was California designer Edgar Blazona, who started selling the MD100 in 2004. Adding on a room to a house is really expensive and disruptive, and doesn't really let you get away. On the other hand, a shed can be stylistically different, can be installed temporarily, and can be a quick fix if you have a need for more space.

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