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Interested in a Modular Amish Horse Barn but not sure of the best location on your property? Request a site visit and let one of your Amish horse barn design experts walk you through the different option and possibilities available with your desired space.
North Country Sheds Stamp of Approval – All our Modular Amish Horse Barns have engineered drawing and are built to exceed Ontario building code so you can rest assured your Amish horse barn is a safe and structurally sound horse shelter for year to come.
Customers interested in our modular Amish horse barns were also interested in our Monitor Horse Barn.
Our modular horse barns are constructed in three sections and can be transported to your site to be setup and ready to use in a very short time. Groffdale Barns is committed to providing you with quality modular horse barns and shelters, custom-built to your specifications. From concrete to finished stalls, Denco's easily customized Modular Horse Barns give you a handsome, convenient new barn in days! Denco's typical 4-Stall Modular Barn with loft hay storage comes in three pre-assembled units and can be completed on site in about two days.

Custom options for horse stables and horse stalls are as popular as they come when ordering a modular Amish horse barn. Begin by choosing a four, six or eight-stall barn or alternative modular barns and add the features and options that meet your own needs. Increase barn space by opting for a 6-Stall Modular Barn or an 8-Stall Modular Barn, and customize to your heart's content.
Modular barns are built using pre-built shed row sections configured to your desired specifications.
Saving your time and money and let North Country Sheds help get you started in the right direction. From the Oak Framing and Kickboards to the Sliding Doors and Windows, we build each detail with superior quality and class.
And regardless of size, we take care to ensure that all units are built with the structural integrity required for modular installation.

Our on site construction team then fits together each panel making assemble one of the fastest types of construction.
This type of building saves you time and money as appose to traditional stick by stick builds. With over 30 years of experience you can expect excellent craftsmanship and outstanding durability.
These modular barn plans are the perfect choice for a horse lover interested in a quick and affordable horse shelter.
All our modular Amish horse barn designs are custom built to meet your desired look and finish.

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modular barns georgia

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