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Steve felt somewhat relieved when he remembered that his Morton Buildings sales consultant told him that his building had a five-year wind load warranty. Even though a tornado came through and destroyed most of the building, it was going to be repaired for free.
Since his building has been repaired, Steve now enjoys having the extra space he didn’t always have. We use it for banquets, you know any function the church needs as long as we have people that are willing to move stuff around. The interior of post-frame buildings also allow for future alterations to the layout whether for expansion or renovations down the road.

The building was built so that it could be expandable and Morton would be the one I would go to because they still have the plans and also have the technology to go ahead and remove the face off of this one and expand it back out to make it larger or smaller.
Regardless of what their commercial building is used for, Morton owners have found the flexibility and versatility of a Morton building to be invaluable before, during and after construction. They were able to help plan the building, make sure things were laid out in the way that would be practical for us. The building was just two months old when they held a fourth of July celebration in their Morton farm building. Steve and his wife were driving back to their Sumner, Nebraska home from a nearby town when they ran into a storm with hail, high winds and pouring rain.

Because Morton buildings use a truss system, eliminating the need for interior support walls, our buildings offer a wide open floor plan that can be developed to best fit the needs of the business and its owner. Agriculture is expanding and farms are getting bigger, so now we run 12 and 24 row equipment,” Steve said.

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morton buildings quotes

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