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It is always fascinating to observe in terms of architecture that Japanese have their own tastes and criteria. Apollo Architects is a popular Japanese company who has designed and built a stunning narrow house for a young family of 2. A product of modern architecture, narrow windows have gained more and more popularity due to their shape and functionality. Artwork DescriptionSimilar can be recreated - 100% hand-made.'Rainbow' is an original painting that I have already sold, but a similar can be recreated upon request. If your decoration area has different needs, please send me the dimensions you are interested in.

Artwork DescriptionSimilar can be recreated - 100% hand-made.'Purple Dawn' is an original painting that I have already sold, but a similar can be recreated upon request.
Narrow Vertical House is a surprising project that seems to defy the laws of space, located in Sumida ward, Tokyo, Japan. They are currently in my church office (will be taking them home), and people walk in my door and stop in their tracks.
Also, they allow furniture and art to occupy the same space without interfering in any way with the decor.
Not from ceiling to floor, although we think it would have looked even more spectacular, but occupying 3 quarters from the height of the room.

The window is tall enough to let a lot of air and light in, so why not adopt this design AND have extra storage space in such a well designed kitchen? One of the best places for narrow windows is there where light is less likely to enter the house.
Should you decide that this or other type of window is what you want, give us a call, and we’ll turn your ideas into reality.

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narrow vertical storage

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