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Did you guys know that male deer actually drop their antlers every year (usually between February and April) only to regrow a larger set later in the season. If you search between February and April it is possible to find them, but be aware you aren’t the only one looking. I think the fact that nothing had do die to create this art makes them cooler, still not sure if I’f want them hanging in my living room. Funny thing is, I was at the pet store the other day looking for a gift for my puppy’s 1 yr birthday and I saw a bunch of these antlers for pups to chew.

I guess it makes sense that other animals eat them, it’s just hard to imagine a little squirrel running off with one of these! Inappropriate comments will be deleted; including spam, offensive language, unrelated self promotion, or wording deemed irrelevant to the post.
They’re loaded with calcium, phosphorus, and mineral salts that those critters are craving come early spring.
They’re pretty expensive though (for chew toys), but I guess I can look around and find some.

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naturally shed antlers uk

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