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Si vous n'avez pas AdBlock installe, mais vous voyez toujours cette fenetre, il suffit de recharger la page. Pour lire nos articles, vous devez desactiver votre Adblock ou definir comme exception et recharger la page. Examinez egalement les autres photos ci-dessous sur le design de la porte coulissante moderne et tirez-en des idees pour votre propre maison ou appartement. This is just a little design exploration for how one might finish out a shipping container as a home.
Should a side door be cut into the container and how does that make the floor plan more flexible? Should custom built-in beds be fabricated or can standard beds and bunk beds be used just as efficiently? How many beds can be placed inside a 20-foot shipping container and still have space for a micro kitchen and bathroom? Not sure where this design exploration is going yet, but I’m having fun thinking about what can fit inside the box.
Hi; I own a 40ft shipping container and I know there are lots of opportunities with them, for building.
Definitely considering shipping containers, I like the look…has anyone built a loft into one of these? I also have been thinking about having 2 of these, one for extra storage and beds, and the original for a kitchen, bathroom, etc.
We went for bi folds on the side (tricky to keep the wet out) and sliding patio doors in the door end, plus a couple of portholes for the bathroom and bedroom for ventilation and aesthetics. I use SketchUp for the 3D drawings and render them with a photorealistic plugin called podium.
Many military bases use containers for various housing needs and container housing is extremely common around the world.
I am personally modeling my container home after this one in San Jose with a couple modifications (I live in the midwest so I am coating the outside with autoclaved aerated concrete for extra insulation and adding a couple solar panels & rain barrels). I was thinking if you raised the floor in part of it you could make a hideaway bed (even queen sized) that rolled out into a dining area with a fold up table and tucked back under that raised floor. The other is do we make the roof come all over the U envelope or just to the edge of the outside edge of the outside area or the inner courtyard of the U.

Either way the intention is to collect water off the roof into tanks and have a central fire pit with bench tables for outside area under cover. I favour a roof covering all of the containers too, as then that solves the heat in summer issue by creating a space above.
We are looking at not using the ends but one half of one side facing into the courtyard , with a sliding glass door for light and air. I worked for a company that built shipping containers and not all containers are built alike. Be careful what you buy and if at all possible have it lifted up with either a forklift or crain to carefully inspect for hidden damage.
Little House on the Trailer builds Second Units, which, similar to our Homes, are built through the factory at an affordable price and can be customized and installed on wheels or a foundation. In the summer there is nothing more luxurious than lounging by a shimmering turquoise pool. Efficacite energetique: Les portes coulissantes peuvent etre des isolants tres efficaces et a leur aide chaque piece de la maison restera chaude en hiver et fraiche en ete.
Lumiere naturelle: cet avantage concerne les portes en verre ou celles qui ont une partie superieure en verre.
C'est un portail d'information sur le mode de vie moderne ou vous trouverez tout sur le design d'interieur de la maison, les meubles design, la decoration reussie de chaque piece et meme des idees sur l'amenagement du jardin.
I suspect the best for this would be closed cell spray foam between nailers on the interior walls.
I say you could get 4 twins in a 7×8 sleeping area, and maybe a pullout couch that doubles as a bed and eat in kitchen?
For the floor plans I use something kind of odd… software called omnigraffle which is typically used for web design documentation. If you need help with design and construction methods, please get in contact and id be happy to advise on your DIY project. Uses for Second Units include: rental income units, granny units, guest houses, vacation homes, country cabins and vacation rentals.
A pool house might seem like an extravagant expense but a well designed version can make your time by the pool amazing. A wide overhang allows you and your guests to enjoy fresh air while staying out of the sun. Stock your pool house with a mini fridge, snacks, dishware, extra towels and other main house touches.

En plus, les mecanismes, dont elles sont equipees, offrent egalement une fermeture solide et assurent donc une isolation acoustique tres efficiente.
Son aspect esthetique est incontestable et elle se combine harmonieusement avec chaque style architectural et type de design interieur. On offre encore des fiches pratiques de bricolage, des coseils de beaute utiles et des renseignements sur les dernieres tendances de la mode.
Feng Shui is a Chinese concept of placing certain articles in a specific area of your home, to generate good health and prosperity. So you might be able to squeeze a short one in there and still have some room to move below it. I made him take pictures of the inside because I just couldn’t picture it, but I can’t find the pictures!
The company I worked for did things on the cheap and basically tack welded them together and they had problems with leaking. If you can add a small bathroom  and shower so that guests can rinse off as soon as they get out of the water. Tous les articles sont accompagnes de plusieurs photos de qualite superieure qui illustrent et completent leur contenu pour que nos lecteurs recoivent le maximum des idees proposees. Will you spend your days away only to use at night or will it be the base which you return to every few hours? Many used containers will be rusted as they’re often at sea exposed to salt water and the floors often rot quickly. With these 5 design tips you will be on your way to having a stylish and functional pool house. Choose stylish outdoor fabrics and other waterproof surfaces, you don't want people to feel as though they can't sit down in a wet swimsuit.
Oui, est une source d'inspiration que vous pouvez consulter chaque jour et vous y trouverez toujours quelques chose d'interessant, de nouveau, d'original.
And, reality is, that we’d probably have grown children visiting, so maybe need a 2nd container just as a bunk room with another bath. I’m a creature of comfort, so I would have either a comfy sofa, or two comfy chairs in place of a dining table.

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