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I have a really old post drill which belonged to my grandfather but I don't know what is the manfacturer. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionThe author of The Shaper Book, The Band Saw Book, and The Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood, Lonnie Bird now brings us Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Using Woodworking Tools. I began woodworking about one year ago and started by taking some classes at the local woodworking store. Publications by Lonnie Bird are always excellent and informative to woodworkers, and this one achieves the same high level.I am enjoying reading Illustrated Guide to Using Woodworking Tools and looking forward to more time in the workshop with this publication. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionHand tools (tools that are not powered, such as hammers and chisels) are currently the hot trend in woodworking purchases.Hand tools require specialized training.
Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionWritten with all skill levels in mind, this practical handbook presents detailed instructions for making 20 essential hand tools for joinery and general woodworking. This has a lot of good, simple, and well explained for anyone wanting to learn some different techniques that goes along with woodworking. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionPraising the simplicity and economy of customised handles and blades made from recycled materials, this manual details the construction and assembly of handmade tools that can be fitted to individual hands and are designed to keep a razor-sharp edge. Mike Burton should be complimented for sharing his multitude of skills with the reading and crafting public. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionAt long last, durable joints can be made without clamps or special fasteners. I needed project to build with my pocket hole drilling jig and this book gave me what I needed. This book is not biased toward any particular brand of pocket hole jig and shows how to use a few of them, but most projects are built with the Kreg System. It has some handy tips for making mitered corners and how to best use the pocket hole jig for that application, and has several design plans. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionThis book is a complete guide to the tools used by a shokunin, or master Japanese craftsman, for both beginning woodworkers and professionals. Very good intro to the world of Japanese saws.These tools are totally new to me and this book encourages me to begin purchasing and using them.
As a woodworker who is increasingly getting away from power tools and back to hand work, reading about how Japanese woodworkers do it was fascinating.
Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionWoodworking Tools & Techniques is a comprehensive resource on tools, materials, and techniques for the new woodworker. Woodworking Tools & Techniques is a basic and strongly recommended introductory guide that walks aspiring woodworker through the critically important process of choosing the right tools, setting up a shop, using tools safely, common woodworking techniques, and a great deal more. This is an excellent reference for anyone interested in the woodworking craft.The author has captured an incredible amount of valuable and practical knowledge between this book's covers!
After searching for books in this subject, I was very pleased to finally find a book that went into the depth of not only restoring, but plane and other tool usage. I only recieved this book this morning, I began reading and can now thouroughly recommend this book to anyone who, for example has ever seen Norm Abram at work and thought 'Hey that's not fair.
While I haven't yet used the book, it has an interesting selection of projects that I think my kids will enjoy.
Excellent book to teach kids woodworking.Well organized so you can just have fun with them. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionPower tools make many tasks in woodworking, carpentry and home improvements faster and more efficient, but choosing the right tool for the job and using it properly can mean the difference between great results and disaster. Great book to provide info on all types of tools.Probably an excellent choice for someone needing basic descriptions of what tools are for what project and how they work. I got very curious about this book while reading Witold Rybczynski's One Good Turn: A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw and I now am a big fan of Goodman's books. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionNearly half of all new woodworkers are female?but few guides focus especially on their needs.
I bought this book for a friend who loves do-it-yourself projects and has some experience with woodworking.She found this to be a great resource, and has already applied some of what she learned about tools in particular.It's not just for women! Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionBefore the machine age, all woodworking and carpentry was done with hand tools, and an amazing variety of tools evolved for a wide range of tasks. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Here the reader is given a step-by-step guide that covers the essential techniques for using hand and power tools.
My account was charged, a confirmation e mail was sent and I have still not seen the book. The order was confirmed on 2-10-09. I had the idea in my head to build a wooden chest and finding a good starting place was not easy.
However, Lonnie Bird writes not as clear as Gary Rogowski, Andy Ray or especially Kelly Mehler. Without it, the experience will be disappointing.Learning to use woodworking hand tools properly makes it easier to understand how power tools work, plus they offer a quieter, safer and more pleasant woodworking experience. Tool-Making Projects for Joinery and Woodworking: A Yankee Craftsman's Practical Methodsby Steve A. All the tools can be made by the career craftsperson or the weekend woodworker, with common workshop tools and techniques.
An extensive section on salvage steel provides advice about choosing metal, and an in-depth analysis of heat treatment explains how to get a hard cutting-edge while keeping the back of the knife soft for greater strength. And no book exists that shows woodworkers how to use this time-saving tool to create these joints-until now. I bought a Kreg Master Kit and built the bookcase in this book as my first project.It came out beautiful without a hitch.

I have only one Japanese tool sofar, a small dozuki saw, but it's cut is so fine and so easy to control that I intend to aquire more Japanese tools. An excellent instructional resource, whether for self-instruction for even the most novice beginner or simply as a brush up for the more experienced woodworker, Woodworking Tools & Techniques "user friendly" text is enhanced from cover to cover with full-color photography to perfectly illustrate solid and dependable instructions. This book was intended for the antique tool collector who chooses to use their tools not place them on a display shelf and accept them "as is." If you are looking for old tools needing repair for many more years of use, then this is the book for you. He patiently and thoroughly describes how to repair most any hand tools you'll come across. He's got $10,000 worthof power tools at least' Well this has to be the guide for those who wishto find, restore, and use old tools.
Craig, an experienced carpenter, and her daughters Camille and Allegra, the family has come up with projects to help children master basic woodworking, beginning at age six with adult supervision. These articles, collected from Fine Woodworking, along with original content provided by editor, Paul Anthony, cover all the power tools used in a modern woodworking shop. Tool School eliminates the trepidation, saves time, and allows woodworkers to start using their tools correctly and safely. Even today, with machinery available for many woodworking operations, some tasks are more easily and efficiently accomplished with hand tools. Along with over 900 color photographs and illustrations, a correct set-up, safe use of machines, and skillful use of hand tools is also included. This book shows the woodworker how hand tools can be used in tandem with their power tools to produce superior work, improving and enriching their woodworking experience. Included are instructions for measuring and marking tools, cutting tools, holding tools, and striking tools—everything needed to cut the frame and box joints that are at the heart of all furniture and interior woodworking. Carpenter comfort and safety is also considered, with a section on making handles recommends techniques for shaping and carving wood to distribute pressure over a large area of the heel of the hand in order to relieve stress on the wrist and arm. To be able to take advantage of this wisdom for the paltry sum that this book cost is remarkable. This book has inspired me; equally importantly, it shows the way to their use, and in some cases, how to make your own. With dozens of detailed color photos, the book will describe the characteristics and uses of the huge variety of common to exotic hardwoods available on the market today. While some attention is paid to other tools, if you do not have a plane collection, this is a costly book for topics that are covered in tons of books. Michael Dunbar has done an excellent job putting his knowledge on paper for the reader's benefit. I grew up with quality handtoolsaround me and can tell this guy knows what he's talking about. These tools also are used widely in general carpentry and home improvement and so apply to those activities as well as woodworking. It covers everything from what to look for when purchasing tools to correct usage for safety and accuracy. Written by professional woodworker Marilyn MacEwen, it gives women the skills and confidence to enter this traditionally masculine preserve, from mastering complex techniques to handling advanced projects. Many of these tools are as elegant as they are ingenious, and Classic Hand Tools celebrates their great heritage in word and picture.Both a beautiful and practical book, Classic Hand Tools reveals the rich variety and history of hand tools through vivid color photos while providing in-depth information on how to integrate their use into modern woodworking.
The book gives enough detail to understand the history, care and use of a tool while not becoming boring.
The only piece of the saw with a name on it is one of the handle screws, as seen in the attached close-up.Would anyone care to hazard a guess as to age, maker and value, if any?
No one really had a comprehensive method for teaching woodworking or where to start with the tools of woodworking. Readers will learn to use mallets, chisels & gouges, wood- and metal-bodied planes, wood- and metal-bodied spokeshaves, measuring and marking tools, rasps, awls, Eastern and Western handsaws and other hand tool accessories. It covers information for the beginner, but also is a tremendous source of ideas and methods for someone more experienced.
These tools are put to use as well, with lessons on cutting mortise-and-tenon frame joints and assembling dovetail joints for cases and drawers. I think that for many readers woodworking tools and woodcarving tools are two very different things.
Mike has the ability to take us through all the stages in the manufacture of a great variety of woodworking items. The Pocket Hole Drilling Jig Project Book teaches them how to make the most of their new favorite tool.
I am planning on moving on to a chest of drawers as my next project and have no doubt that it can be done with the basic kit I have.
I heartily recommend this fine book to anyone interested in learning more about Japanese woodworking, or in becoming a better woodworker with hand tools in general. Finally, Woodworking Tools & Techniques is a comprehensive resource for basic woodworking techniques from planning and preparation to joinery to finishes.
It should be noted that Dunbar now uses a different method to sharpen plane and chisel irons, etc. The majorityof this book is dedicated to planes - but I never realised just how manykinds there are! Craig Robertson, a master carpenter and renowned designer and builder of furniture, and Barbara Robertson, an art educator who specializes in teaching children, have developed an inspired method for teaching kids and their parents the basics of woodworking.In this lively, fully photographed and illustrated book, the Robertsons present fun projects that teach essential woodworking skills. Coverage includes how to choose tools based on features and value and techniques from basic to advanced.

Both portable and stationary woodworking tools are covered through extensive photography and illustrations. In detail, MacEwen covers wood types and their characteristics, shows how to set up an efficient workshop, discusses and demystifies tools, explains how to read woodworking plans, and offers 16 practical and great-looking items to make, including a bed, chair, CD cabinet, and dining room table.
The author does start with a shop bench, but she calls for 2 x 4 spruce, which is not run of the mill. The designs are excellent, but to call this Woodworking 101 is rather misleading.
In this book, anyone who works with wood will discover how to use these tools, how to choose the right ones for the job, and how to tune them properly. I think that this book gives a great start when it comes to selection of necessary tools as well as some general knowledge of how to use them.
I purchased it hoping for plans for making planes, spokeshaves, measuring tools, chisels and the like. Often times a carver will run into a situation that requires a special tool not available in the market place. There is one caveat, you will need some extra clamps to make working with the pocket joints a lot simpler. In addition to being well written, Toshio Odate gives a fascinating account of his apprenticship to his stepfather within its cultural context. Even intermediate and seasoned woodworkers will find the exhaustive explanation of basic techniques useful as they embark on increasingly advanced woodworking projects. A must for anyone you know who heads for the 'rusty toolbox' at flea markets and yard sales. For example, the Spider-Web String Art project teaches kids how to wield a hammer, and the Drilled Name Plaque project teaches kids the safe and proper way to use a drill.Building on these basic skills, the book moves on to intermediate-level projects. A special feature of this book is the attention to portable power tools, a topic not usually covered in depth in woodworking books and seldom in other books on tools.
These days most tools come with what amounts to a pamphlet of safety advice that contains little information about how things work--this book is the missing instruction manual. Plus, there are invaluable tips on the ergonomics of working with wood with a woman’s physique, and how to deal with the macho culture of the lumberyard. Along the way, the reader will discover the benefits of hand tool use - less dust and dirt, more quiet, and, surprisingly, more efficiency.The color photos by photographer John Sheldon detail both the practical and aesthetic aspects of these highly useful artifacts from the past. Keep in mind that a book can not accurately describe the pressure and overall feel of how to use a Plane or any other tool for that matter. One day I was roaming through the book store looking for books that would apeal to my needs. What you get in this book is about a hundred different hokey ways to pound out a carving gouge using everything from the back of a framing hammer to the adjusting screws on your vise. If you buy this book you will be in the position to save a great deal on the purchase of essential tools by making many of your own to your considerable satisfaction. Burgeoning carpenters begin with string art, a project that builds nailing technique, and progress to full-size lemonade stands and puppet theaters. The beauty of these tools will inspire any woodworker to take a second look at handplanes and handsaws.
The book is just full of terrible "hints and tips" like these that will not only damage your tools but not be very effective either.
I have had the book for only two weeks and so have concentrated on my own particular interest. Goodman's other book: British planemakers from 1700 on the history of 18th and 19th Century hand-planes. Also covered are hammers and chisels in their many incarnations, drills, devices to hold wood, including clamps and vises, and marking and measuring tools. I wanted something that covered a lot of differant tools, so I didnt have to get 4 or 5 differant books. The "author" botched the making of the plane and couldnt be bothered to do it correctly or give you any practical tips on making or sharpening a plane iron. They cost me very little in materials and the saving is many hundreds of dollars.The price of this book would only buy half a woodcarving tool!
I would recommend the hardcover over the soft cover because it can be more easily used in the shop this way. It covers planes(just about all of them), saw, chisels, drawknifes, spokeshaves, dovetails, awls, marking knives, try squares, drawboring, the rasp, and great info on sharping.
Mike has a fine eye for a bargain himself and it is a pleasure to be inducted into his economic ways.
In the weeks and months ahead I feel that my savings, skills and satisfaction at making my own tools will increase many times.
Mike Burton is neither a professional nor a person with any degree of skill in metal working. The extremely amateurish tools in this book are clearly poorly made with burned and annealed edges.
Mike does the right thing with them by hanging them on his walls and leaving them there.You would be doing yourself a great injustice by purchasing this book and following a single one of his inane "techniques".

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