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This Ornament Keeper Christmas Ornament Storage Box from TreeKeeper provides a convenient way to safely store and protect up to 72 Christmas ornaments in one compact storage box.
Protect and preserve your favorite holiday ornaments year after year using an Ornament Storage Box. Featuring three removable trays with handles which are lined with fabric to protect delicate Christmas ornaments, this Christmas ornament storage box also includes a large zippered pouch on the front sized perfectly to fit your tree skirt.
Just received the two I ordered, haven't even used them yet and I'm ready to place an order for three more.
Here are 7 Christmas ornament storage boxes ideas that may provide the type of storage you are looking for.
Our boxes are made of sturdy cardboard with slotted handles that make them easy to transport.
Store your Christmas or other ornaments in the included cardboard dividers, which are adjustable to accommodate different-sized ornaments. Ordinary room lighting makes this Christmas Window Poster '' light up'' at night, so from the street it looks vibrant.

Measuring approximately 3' x 5', the Christmas Window Poster installs easily and can be cut to size to fit your window. The large papier mache ball is painted in cheerful green and then skillfully decorated with golden leaves and subtle red accents. Sajad in India presents this set of three handmade holiday ornaments painted midnight blue with floral designs in gold and turquoise. The set of 4 ornaments are cut from aluminum and etched on one side with four different holiday designs: a stocking filled with toys a Wise Man bearing a candle a holiday bell and a Christmas present. The set of four ornaments in gold red turquoise and purple features golden zardozi embroidery accented with garlands of sequins. Featuring three pairs of color combination the first one is marked by red gold and lemon green sequins upon a red base the second features dazzling blue turquoise blue and lemon green over a green base while the third pair is marked by silver turquoise and red set on a cream base. The sequins work is applied on both the front and backside and the ornaments hang from golden zari strings. Mouth-blown and hand-painted in Germany, this beautiful peacock ornament is simply breathtaking.

I never went to school because of my parent's financial limitations and also because I got poliomyelitis when I was just a child and it left me with weakened knees.
I wanted to help my parents in some way so I have been crafting ornaments since I was 14 years old.
Although I'm not really happy with my physical condition I'm happy doing ornaments and hopefully my products can make more people happy. Warsi works in traditional zardozi embroidery on velvet using glittering metallic zari threads.

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ornament storage boxes lowes

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