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Choosing the right patio furniture not only sets the visual appeal of your home but at the same time it elevates your spirit by setting mood for a perfect outdoor experience. These are some useful outdoor patio accessories that are highly recommended for protection of your patio furniture and improved functionality of your outdoor space. While selecting unique patio furniture to adding an extra charm to your lawn, backyard or porch, the right accessories can enhance the design aspects.
Cushion storage bags and boxes are specially designed to protect your cushions from rain and dirt that can damage the cushions over time.

The protective covers for outdoor furniture are made of various durable materials such as vinyl, polyester and synthetic materials to suit different weather conditions. Made from high grade polyester, our patio furniture covers resist cracking, fading, tearing, and mold build up.
Though most of the outdoor dining sets come with a market umbrella, you may also opt for freestanding ones.
Outdoor storage boxes are a convenient way to store your patio cushions when they are not being used.

You you can’t part with the extra cash for custom covers, a tarp will also do the job.
Patio umbrellas also protect your outdoor furniture from UV rays of the sun by providing up to 99% UV protection.

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outdoor furniture storage covers outdoor

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