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Future Feast is an outdoor living garden table designed by Suzanne Biaggi for the 2009 Late Show Gardens festival in Sonoma County, California. The Future Feast table rests on local reclaimed redwood legs and uses the technology of green roofs for its living surface.
This Folding Potting Bench has a multifunctional design so it can be used as a Potting Bench or as a patio buffet table. Although looking at it now I would probably have used a Kreg Jig to drill them from underneath and not have any screws showing. Enter your email address to subscribe to ReMadeIt and receive notifications of new posts by email. Garden tea table We rely on traditional skills from Indian artists to produce internationally acclaimed products. The plants selected for the table top that include a selection of sedums, fescues, and salvias.

This set is also FSC certified so you can also feel good knowing the materials used are harvested according to strict environmental regulations.
It is an extremely durable tropical hardwood that is naturally resistant to insect infestation and damage caused by moisture. We got the darker wood from the Brighton & Hove Wood Store which is a brilliant place for reclaimed wood. It made sense to paint the whole base at this stage so it didn’t impact the final finish and the colour could be seen through the gaps on the top. The boards are facing bark side up which will help prevent cupping in the future, and also create better water drainage.
I drilled the reclaimed timber straight onto the base and pre-drilled guide holes to make sure it was aligned.
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The outdoor living garden table also features a runnel running down the middle, and is part of the irrigation system that is powered by a solar pump and circulates water around the surrounding garden.
The FSC standards represent the worlds strongest system for guiding forest management toward sustainable outcomes.
Eucalyptus trees grow faster and are more readily available correspondingly making products made from Eucalyptus wood less expensive and more eco-friendly as well!
I wanted the screws to be lower so they wouldn’t catch anything, so counter sunk the guide holes. When sharing something you found on the ReMadeIt blog, please include proper credit and a link to the original post.
Our vision is to become world leaders in making home and garden décor products and have satisfied customers and employees.

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