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Our best selling wood shed, the Tall Peak model has a very contemporary design that fits very well with most newer home designs. This versatile and attractive shed lends itself to narrow spaces such as sideyards against the house or fence. These unique sheds offer beauty and character, along with utility, to spruce up your backyard. From basic garages to elaborately detailed structures, we have the know-how and experience to deliver the product you need.

She was quoted saying San Diego won’t be eligible for bond money to increase storage, but we may get money for recycling, and expanding efforts at turning waster water into drinking water.
They’re great for maintaining privacy and uninterrupted workflow, and they can also be cozy and stylish as well. Here are some examples of a growing trend of miniature studios (for offices and living structures), that are small enough to fit in someone’s back yard.We’re fond of calling them, shedquarters. One is sites reservoir, where you can raise the dam, and the existing watershed you already have has water coming in.

Hewitt police and State Fire Marshal’s Office investigators determined the fire was intentionally set.

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outdoor sheds san antonio news

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