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Today, many folks are incorporating an outdoor storage bench into their garden or yard.  If you are not excited about adding a large storage shed to your property, but you are still looking for a safe, secure way to store and protect your tools and gardening equipment, outdoor storage bins or benches may be a great option. If you have youngsters or pets at home, an outdoor storage container is a great place to store your power tools or other potentially dangerous items. Please read all the directions before beginning, and cut your pieces as you go, measuring before each cut. If you want your lid to be hinged, go ahead and attach the hinges according to the manufacturer instructions. From storing items, beds or coffee tables to window boxes, shoe cabinets or comfortable rockers, a wooden pallet is anything but waste timber.
If you are passionate about reducing the amount of trees being cut down, then you will understand our call to recycle and reuse old pallets instead of  manufacturing new products. Also, if you are interested in recycling pallets, you will enjoy reading 25 Ways Of How To Use Pallets In Your Garden and DIY Green Living Wall Projects For Your Home. Painted in white, the pallets were transformed in a very stylish board where the TV set was fixed. Add some glass on the surface and fix 4 wheels … the table becomes a more functional piece.

Even if it looks heavy for a children, you can take it into consideration when you have a low budget. Storage benches also come in a variety of different materials – from wood to cement, plastic, or other materials, you can easily find a deck storage bench that fits in perfectly with your garden, bench, or backyard pool or pond. Most come with an optional lock or a place to add a pad lock, which allows you to ensure the safety of your family and pets.
You can see links to the complete series here, and enter my Lowe's gift card giveaway here.
If you have a Kreg Jig you can go ahead and attach these boards to each other to make a sturdier top.
Since lots of companies are dependent on fiber from wood recycling, why not to try to gain all the benefits for your home? If you share our enthusiasm, a collection of 35 creative ways to reuse and recycle wooden pallets waits to be discovered below! The boards were painted and the space left between them shelters various flowers and plants. So often, youngsters are curious and like to play with whatever they see mommy or daddy using at home.

I designed this for the bottom boards to sit side by side with no gaps, but if you are worried about drainage or anything you could omit a bottom board or two and leave a narrow gap between the boards. I'm a full time wife & mommy, a lover of yard sales, curb finds, DIY, and all things thrifty. Perfect for a lounge area in the balcony or a lovely corner in the garden, wooden pallets can be combined, remodeled and fixed up in practical desks, chairs, bookcases, tables and beds. That could mean cooking, gardening, or cleaning supplies – all of which have the potential to be very dangerous. Today's project goes along with yesterday's post - we're building an outdoor storage bench!
So often people do not give much thought to the potentially dangerous tools, chemicals, and equipment in their yards.

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outdoor storage boxes for patio furniture

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