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This plastic outdoor box is ideal for storing long-handled tools, stacked chairs, ladders, mowers and garden and yard supplies. Outdoor plastic storage box is perfect for storing outdoor furniture cushions and accessories.
This outdoor plastic storage box is large capacity easily accommodates four large chair cushions and one chaise cushion, or can be used for storing lawn, gardening tools, and pool supplies.

Featuring clean lines, neutral colors and pleasing aesthetics this vertical box fits the outdoor environment and provides an attractive backyard storage solution. It includes wheels and handles for portability, and it is constructed of durable resin for optimal durability. You should use for your garden equipment , kids toys or whatever you want to… Also it can be appropriate as a seat in garden.

I even added my own personal touch to it I went to a local craft store and got little decals (letters of the alphabet) and spelled out my little guy’s name on the front of the toy box.

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outdoor storage boxes with lids zionsville

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