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When I bought my home, the previous homeowner left behind two Rubbermaid Resin Outdoor Storage Sheds. The Rubbermaid Resin Storage Shed is not cheap, but is cheaper than other stand-up storage options. Along with my long-handled tools, I am also able two store two bags of fertilizer, birdseed, and two containers of Preen on the resin floor of the unit with room to spare. While I cannot attest to the ease of assembling this unit, I can comment on its disassembly.
Don’t expect this unit to hold power tools any larger than a trimmer or blower, as it is only 15 inches deep.
A published writer and novice gardener, Stephanie Lezotte dabbles in over 1500 square feet of newly purchased gardens that yield hundreds of tulips, daffodils, hostas, and daylilies.
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The perfect choice for an outdoor storage shed, the Lifetime 6446 15-by-8 Foot Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters, Windows, and Skylights features two shatterproof windows opening to provide ventilation and shutters provide a home-like feel. Two shatter proof windows that open for increased ventilation, with shutters framing the windows giving you an at-home feeling. Categories: 12-Month Financing, Garden Center, Home and Kitchen, Home and Kitchen Features, Outdoor Storage, Patio, Lawn and Garden, Self-Service, Special Features Stores, Specialty Stores, Storage Sheds. Clear out that clutter from your garage and put things in order with the Outdoor Living Today GGC63SR Grand Garden Chalet 6 x 3 ft. These are medium-sized two-door plastic storage units that are advertised to stand up to the elements.
For about $175, this shed features inside grooves that can accommodate homemade wooden shelves (more on this in a bit) and still boasts a larger, open space from the ground up that is spacious enough to hold long-handled tools such as my rake, shovel, and hoe.
The right door no longer swung on its hinge despite drilling a new hole for the upper hinge. The doors on my existing unit are extremely durable, making me wonder how the first unit ever managed to break.
Do expect this unit to remain sturdy for years, provided doors remain closed during periods of non use to prevent excessive hinge wear and tear.

She enjoys trying new gardening tools and techniques and isn’t afraid to get (a little) dirty.
The large shed also features steel reinforced doors that offer a wide and high opening with lockable door system. Constructed of two shatter proof windows, two sets of shutters, with side entry door and six skylights for tons of bright light illumination. According to Rubbermaid, the units are water-proof, leak-proof, rot-proof, rust-proof and weather-proof.
The unit’s size and shape is perfect for fitting into tight spaces that a traditional shed, or even a wider floor unit, doesn’t permit. Despite Rubbermaid’s claims, it was indeed waterlogged- this made deconstruction somewhat harder and heavier, not to mention messy.
However, on my existing working shed, I noticed that the loop for which the lock is to be attached is actually cracked all the way through.
This Outdoor shed is constructed from western red cedar, this durable storage shed comes with the shingles already attached to the roof for hassle-free assembly.
High pitched roofing trusses offer high headroom while the steep roof facilitates quick drainage of snow and rain.
I wanted a shed to store my gardening equipment and decided to build my own from plan. My units were nestled under the roof’s outcropping along the back of the house to provide additional protection from rain, sun, and unwanted visitors.
In addition, large rubber-coated hooks were added to the upper insides of the unit that are perfect for holding twine, hanging baskets, and short-handled tools. On average days I would go out back to find the unit completely open with the door leaning. The 2 x 3 frame construction provides a sturdy structure, This lean-to style shed is crafted from western red cedar and arrives with the shingles already attached to the roof for easier assembly.
The flooring is made of high-quality polyethylene and offers resistant against cracking, peeling and chipping.
Constructed with powder coated steel A-frame roof trusses and internal wall structure of steel-reinforced double polyethylene panels.

Functional double doors and a cedar shingle roof add to the elegance of this tool shed, earning the name Grand Garden Chalet. On windy days, the door entirely blew off, exposing my tools to the elements (quite a few of my tools rusted in this manner), and advertising to my neighbors a free collection of tools and gardening products.
The beveled edge, slip resistant surface offers protection against solvents, oils, and stains. However, this is also a testament to the individual craftsman who measured and installed the shelves.
It did take two people to fully dissemble and I would recommend two to assemble, but one skilled person can probably do the job.
The unit is comprised of seven pieces, the top piece being heavy enough that I could only drag it to the curb with assistance. Low maintenance features include UV-Protection to help prevent fading and cracking, weather resistant seams help keep interior dry, stain resistant finish is easy to clean and never needs painting. The oils of this resilient wood guard against insect attack and decay, and their distinctive aroma acts as a mild insect repellant. Cedar is a dependable choice for outdoor furniture, either as a finished or unfinished wood. This means that upon delivery, the carrier will use a liftgate on the truck to lower your item to the ground.
You will then need a dolly or handtruck, or assistance with the product from that point on.
Many retailers charge for this service of getting the package off the truck or require the customer to do it themselves.About Outdoor Living TodayOutdoor Living Today has a simple goal.
Products are designed so that the average person with limited building skills can assemble them.

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