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When researching outdoor garden storage at the design stage of their plastic sheds, manufacturers Lifetime, looked at the pros and cons of products by the established competition. Whether you require a small amount of storage or a larger garden feature, SM Garden Sheds have the right building for you. Garden crime is an increasing menace according to news reports, so extra care is advisable.
Occasionally you may think you only require a small shed for a few items, then there may develop a need to store larger items such as vehicles or patio furniture. Southampton's maritime past is just one of the reasons to visit this large city in the county of Hampshire.
Charles Dickens was born in the town of Portsmouth, Hampshire and it is believed that he based many of the characteristics of Mr Micawber in 'David Copperfield', on the experiences of his own father.
Poole in Dorset, has a wealth of exciting adventures for young and old, but its quieter nature and wildlife are also a big attraction for visitors.
Another successful and popular coastal resort town in Dorset is Bournemouth, formerly part of Hampshire, but later joining Dorset as a result of local government reorganisation in 1974. Lifetime Storage Sheds - 60085 Plastic Outdoor Shed 8x10Note the 60085 is not compatible with Lifetime extension kits or extreme weather kits.Order the most attractive Lifetime shed design yet.
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Unlike wood storage sheds, Lifetime plastic storage sheds do not need to be repainted as the UV-protected HDPE material does not fade or crack. The 8 x 12.5 nominal dimension for this shed provides a lot of inside square footage for storing large and small items. Powder-coated steel trusses help create rigid roof structure, and also help make the shed water tight. Lifetime horizontal storage shed - Need to expand your storage, but have limited space available?
I bought this shed cause it being all vinyl It will last a lifetime the looks of it .it sure will. Contemplated back and forth for 2 weeks to purchase this shed or a conventional wooden shed. Please note that these videos are meant to provide general information for this product and have been created by individuals that have owned or used this shed.
This product has a 30-day money back guarantee: Simply hang on to the original packaging and contact us within 30 days of receipt if you are not satisfied with this product. Along with the advantages, they noted several flaws in most of the other products on the market and set about eliminating these flaws from their own designs.
When you invest in Lifetime garden storage buildings and storage boxes from SM Garden Sheds, you can be sure that you are actually getting a product that will last a lifetime. The security of your garden shed or outdoor building is paramount with many expensive items such as bikes, lawnmowers, garden furniture etc frequently stored in them. Generally people tend to need around 25% more storage space than they think, but this is no problem as most Lifetime sheds can be extended using handy kits. Southampton represents the centre of the Greater Southampton region, and combines with Portsmouth to form a single metropolitan area. At the age of 12 Charles had to work in a boot blacking factory to support the rest of his family who were incarcerated in a debtors prison. Dorset Wildlife Trust are a highly active conservation charity, whose members work to preserve and protect the precious and diverse wildlife in the area. A regional centre for business and a popular tourist destination, Bournemouth reportedly had the reputation in 2007 of being the happiest place in the UK, after a survey conducted by an insurance company found that 82% of those questioned in Bournemouth, were happy with their lives.
This material is ideal for your shed as is UV-protected, which means to fading, cracking, or peeling like other plastics. HDPE is also easily cleaned, typically needing nothing more than soap and water to clean up most messees. The 56-inch wide door opening allows most any pushing lawn mower, and many riding lawn mowers easy access to the shed.

This type of delivery requires the customer to be present to sign for the delivery and move the product wherever they need it on the delivery property.
It was a lot easier to make one phone call and have a shed on my property but I couldn't justify 3k to $3, 500.
Familiarity with tools, instruction manuals, and basic assembly skills can make that time shorter or longer accordingly.
Most of the freight companies used to deliver these Lifetime storage buildings come equipped with a lift gate. They came up with unique endlessly functional, products that combine strength and durability, are stain resistant and UV protected. Constructed from powder-coated steel to prevent rusting, cracking, and discolouration, and high density polyethylene. In addition to their sturdy profile, Lifetime plastic garden sheds incorporate steel reinforced doors including full length, steel-pin hinges.
They are also extremely customisable by attaching extra shelving and storage accessories to maximise floor space.
A wide range of attractions make Southampton a great place to visit whatever your idea of a fab weekend break, or day out is. This challenging period of his life was later immortalised in his novels, 'Great Expectations' and 'David Copperfield'.
They are dedicated to the delivery of 'living landscapes', which seeks to help wildlife cope with modern changes to their habitat. The structure of these sheds is modular in design, which allows you to add or remove extension kits to change the shed size.
The structure creates a lot of rigidity in the shed, which helps support a snow load capacity of 23 pounds per square foot on the roof top, and a sustained wind rating of 65 miles per hour. Spend more time enoying your shed and less time maintaining its good looks with this product. The 90 square-foot floor plan provides ample space for most yard equipment, building equipment, and gardening equipment. The driver's job is just to bring the item to the delivery address; the driver will not assist with moving the product.
It went together OK, just was hard to understand the what parts were what, and what the assembly goal of some pages was. A lift gate is a piece of equipment on the back of the truck that lowers the boxes to the ground.
Keep all your lawn and garden equipment in one convenient place, in one convenient location your yard. There is also information regarding our recommendations in the beginning section of the instruction manual for the shed. These plastic sheds are supplied part pre-assembled, with easy to follow assembly instructions, an attractive, high quality building is assured every time.
This shed also includes 2 latch-and-lock windows that can be opened to improve air flow in and out of the shed. Delivery appointments are scheduled by the delivery company for delivery is attempted, which provides the customer time to make sure the necessary personel are available to move the delivery boxes. This shed uses a paneling design to assemble the shed; adjacent panels interlock and fasten together. While this piece of equipment is common on delivery trucks, we encourage you to assume the worst case scenario and have sufficient help on hand to remove the boxes 1 at a time from the truck. Shelving and peg strips are included so you can keep your smaller tools and supplies right at your fingertips. Southampton is linked with the Titanic, and its a fact that over 500 families in Southampton lost a family member during the tragedy.
The floor panels can be anchored down to the ground at marked-off locations in the 4 corners of the shed.
The customer must be present to sign for the package and move the boxes where they need on the delivery property.

This Lifetime shed is constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with steel reinforcements for durable quality and low-maintenance style. Visitors will be fascinated by the large interactive model of the Titanic, with intricate views of the layout.
This storage shed is also backed by a 10 year warranty from Lifetime Products for customers in the United States and Canada. HDPE will not fade, crack, or peel like tradtional plastics, which means repainting is not necessary. Delivery appointments are scheduled through the delivery company before delivery is attempted.
Testimony given by survivors of the frightening events set in motion on 10 April 1912, can be viewed. To be fair, there were LOTS of other buildings and homes that had roof problems too with this unusual wet snow.
The customer can either contact the freight company themselves once they have the tracking number, or they can wait for the freight company to contact them to schedule the appointment. One of the more poignant articles on display is a pocket watch recovered from the body of one of the stewards, showing the exact time it stopped.
It took us 7 hours from start to finish (with a lunch brake)and the assembly was not bad at all. We were able to jack the trusses back up, straightening the bent parts of the metal trusses as we went.
We never disassembled the roof, but the panels went back up with the trusses and it now DOES NOT LEAK.
The directions can be a little confusing sometime, but do not give up on them they were right every time we questioned them.
Do yourself a favor and get your lawn and garden equipment organized with this worry-free shed from Lifetime. There are lots of screws that popped out of the roof panels, but the roof still seems quite solidly attached.
I attached some 2x6s to the trusses and propped them up with a couple more from the floor to provide support for the now-weakened, re-bent trusses.
Includes a 30-day (from the day you receive the product) money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied a€” simply keep the original packaging and contact us for a pickup. We may order new plastic roof panels, and maybe trusses next year to assure the roof is solid again and it will look better (panels sag a little from being bent, making it look worse than it is).
Even considering the near-loss of the roof on our 2009 shed, we still liked it well enough that we ordered another shed from Lifetime; the exact same model and I assembled it 5 feet away from the current one.
The 2014 instructions were better, or maybe I thought so because I had already assembled one. I think they are better, although the parts identification could still be a little better for some of the metal parts. I had to innovate some "third hands" for a couple of places where two people were recommended for assembly, but I got by. Some Things to Look for When Comparing Sheds: Height - Many sheds have low ceilings and entrances and are very cramped.
I was not as careful with leveling in 2014, and had to shove sand in and take sand out underneath the structure as I was assembling it.
When you get your shed complete, you will like the way it looks, like the way it works and feel good about buying it. The shed floor is not a weight-bearing floor and will need some sort of solid support to keep from breaking or damaging the floor.

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