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SM Garden Sheds are committed to sourcing the products our customers want and we are tireless in our quest for garden storage to delight everyone. The low pent roof model, as with all Canberra sheds, is manufactured using high performance hot dipped galvanised steel, and includes features such as ventilated gables. Canberra garden storage sheds and buildings have an enviable pedigree being manufactured by Oldfield's PTY. Oldfield's are associated with Australian based company Bluescope, who are at the forefront of the international steel buildings industry.
Canberra low pent roof storage sheds represent amazing value for money, are maintenance free, and come with a 20 year manufacturers non perforation guarantee.
Canberra have a great variety of garden storage including sheds, garages, workshops, storage units and boxes, and with models and sizes to suit every need. Specifications include 3.0m triple roof beams, and superior gable roof design, giving a stronger and more satisfactory profile.
Our web promotion partners Wet Design have kindly allowed us to place on their website a little about our company and what we offer.
At SM Garden Sheds, we supply steel reinforced UPVC sheds like the Lifetime range of heavy duty sheds. Cutting edge design and innovative technology make Plastic Lifetime sheds an excellent choice, combining affordable products with superior features. Lifetime outdoor storage boxes present a remarkable level of quality, are built to the same standards as their sheds, and very popular for storage at caravan sites. SM Garden Sheds are constantly researching the garden storage products we offer, and like to stay aware of developments within the shed manufacturing industry.
Lotus metal sheds, break the mould of light clad metal storage buildings, with attributes such as large double door openings, ventilated gables, uniquely well balanced door glides, colour coded door handles and easy access top rails in case glider adjustments are required. Lotus apex roof metal sheds are designed with great attention to detail and manufactured using hot dipped galvanised steel throughout. When it comes to the assembly of these metal garden sheds, careful consideration has been given to producing an exceedingly user friendly range of products. At The Home Depot, we understand how important it is to keep your outdoor belongings protected. For security and durability, try a metal shed, which can resist termites, mold, mildew and even fire.
The Serenity, on its own, is designed as a planter that can be mounted to a brick wall, a wooden post, or trellis, etc.
The Compamia ISP830 Verona Resin Outdoor Dining Chair features a fully woven, one-piece, traditional design which enable it to easily blend in with any of your existing furniture items. These patio chairs are lightweight and easily movable between functions and spaces, they are also stackable saving you room and ideal for winter storage.
Athena Towel CaddyStackable outdoor storage cube may be used as an end table, occasional table, coctail table, bunching table, or case good. Magnetic Pallet ChairA clever little outdoor folding lounge chair is one example of a commercial item that is capitalizing on the pallet upcycling trend.

Compamia Tiffany Dining Chair - Set of 2 - ISP018-BLAGas injection molded legs with nonskid rubber caps. A product which has all the advantages that come as standard with the excellent Canberra range of garden storage, but in a smaller package, is the Canberra Low Pent Roof Shed.
Situated in Campbelltown, Sydney Australia, this company has over 50 years experience in the manufacture of high quality steel shed products.
Bluescope are one of the largest pioneering producers of pre painted steel products in the world.
This Canberra low pent roof shed is exclusively available from recognised outlets, through Store More Garden Buildings. The Canberra brand name stands for high quality, superb craftsmanship, unique structural features and robust materials.
Always check the details when planning on purchasing a shed, as cheaper brands may look good when photographed in a glossy catalogue but will usually last a fraction of the time of a quality metal shed. As a supplier of quality garden sheds and outdoor storage buildings, we at SM Garden Sheds are dedicated to giving our customers high performance garden storage at extremely competitive prices. These extremely attractive outdoor buildings will grace any garden, and are customisable as they may be fitted with extensions for extra space.
The Lifetime collection of plastic sheds offers a greater wall height for more home or commercial storage space. Their double walled polyethylene construction makes them perfect for use not only as a weather resistant storage solution, but also as garden seating. We have the largest range of high quality metal sheds in the UK, and where we see an opportunity to improve on and expand that range, we are quick to act. Frequently used at caravan sites and holiday homes around coastal areas, they are unaffected by salt sea air and are rust and corrosion resistant.
Lotus sheds are easy to build using the straight forward instruction manual, plus a demonstration video is available on request. High Quality Steel Reinforced UPVC Outdoor Storage, Sheds, Garages & Workshops, Plastic Garden Storage Boxes.
Thata€™s why we offer a wide variety of storage solutions, from deck boxes to barns and more.
You can paint your wooden shed any color to match the backdrop of your home, and then add windows, cabinets or shelving.
Unlike their wood and resin counterparts, many metal sheds feature reinforced hinges, which can help deter thieves. Every single inch of these fiber materials has been tested for color fade, mold and mildew resistance, in addition to strength associated with heavy weights.
This high grade metal garden storage building is extremely useful in a host of applications where a more compact solution is required. Entry ramps for ease of access and sliding doors with sturdy metal handles are also part of the secure construction of these outdoor buildings.
In addition to outdoor storage, Oldfield's PTY are also specialists in paint application systems and scaffolding.
Corrosion free steel buildings like these are a must if your caravan is sited near a coastal area, where cheaper brands would quickly degrade and rust.

Reliability and customer satisfaction is a top priority, which gives SM Garden Sheds a definite edge in the garden storage market.
Canberra products are not riveted but screwed together, allowing greater versatility in the case of panel replacement.
The comprehensive range of outdoor storage buildings we offer, are carefully researched and selected using our extensive knowledge of garden storage products. They are particularly useful on caravan sites where a non combustible product is mandatory, and their UV protection means they will not suffer from damage like cracking or peeling, caused by extreme heat or cold. They are maintenance free and have steeply pitched roofs for excellent water drainage along with a variety of available, practical accessories including shelves and hangers.
Their secure lockable lid design, 90 degree opening and spring controlled anti-slam lid ensures extreme functionality. Our wide and varied selection of metal sheds have always been in demand whether its the supreme heavy duty Biohort, Asgard, Easy Kit outdoor buildings, or secure, lighter clad metal sheds like the Canberra, Emerald or newcomer Lotus. Rust can be a big problem near the coast, and brand new metal sheds have been known to turn brown in a very short time. Customers are frequently surprised and delighted with the hassle free way their shed comes together before their very eyes.
Quickly growing in popularity, the overall height of this shed is 142cms, making it an ideal choice for use at caravan sites, underneath window ledges or wherever space is at a premium.
They have a reputation for durable steel products and have developed and expanded, regularly upgrading and investing in technology.
Panels have safety edges to avoid accidents and have pre punched holes for ease of assembly. We source our metal and plastic sheds, garages, workshops and bike stores internationally from reputable manufacturers. SM Garden Sheds are committed to outstanding levels of customer service, and whether you choose your vinyl shed from the Lifetime, Duramax or Keter range, you can be sure of a reliable service and long lasting product. The Lotus range of outdoor metal garden storage products, are manufactured to an exceptionally high calibre, and have many impressive advantages compared to other brands on the market. Lotus sheds and storage buildings from SM Garden Sheds, are the highest specification lightweight metal garden sheds on the market, constructed from 0.3mm steel and incorporating heavy gauge galvanised steel parts and fixings. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Ventilated Gables, Superior Gable Roof Design, Entry Ramps & Corrosion Free Garden Sheds. We supply garden storage products to domestic customers as well as many online stores, garden centres and retailers. Classed as a revolutionary development, this shed range is the result of extensive expert analysis and study, they are effortlessly stronger, longer lasting and easier to assemble than sheds of a similar type.
Integral ventilated gables reduce the risk of condensation, another issue with many inferior metal sheds.

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