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Rugged Sheds builds High Quality wood sheds built for the Northwest and constructed for your individual needs starting at $725.00. All our storage sheds and buildings are of the highest quality and are guaranteed leak proof. If you have any questions email us directly by clicking the contact us link below and one of our shed professionals will message you back promptly with an answer.
DAN MCGRATH - MY DIY SHED   This link brings you to a one page website with plenty of construction pictures of this one man's shed building project. ULTRA SHEDS   This business based in the state of Georgia probably does not build any sheds but they are a distributor for many different shed builders. BACKYARD WORKS   Beautiful sheds here suitable for use in the most sophisticated setting.

HOW TO BUILD A SHED FROM A KIT   Here's kind of a neat little article you all might like. BEACH HUTS   Most visitors to this website know that wooden storage sheds are mostly used to store lawn care items or tools, personal junk, paint and automotive service items, etc. CONESTOGA BUILDERS   This business has a nice website with lots of good pictures of their buildings.
The original photo from the plans also featured a trellis and two additional windows as shown at right. It has 64 sq feet of loft storage space without taking away from its 96 sq feet of main floor space. It has many features: a metal roof, two storage lofts, a glass door, door trim, battens, trusses and more.

The loft area is meant for storage, while the main floor area can be used as a heated office, workshop, potting shed or more "storage".
As this shed is below 100 sq feet it does not require a building permit in most cities in the lower mainland, however the location of a shed in a yard still must comply to local zoning bylaws.

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outdoor storage sheds vancouver bc jobs

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