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Wood fence , Easy installation, improved my company built residential, beautiful, practical. All these raw materials are premixed and extruded by professional Wood-Plastic machinery with special technics, so it is a kind of Low-carbon, Environmental protection and Recyclable new material.
Applied to a variety of wall panels, ceiling, siding, door frames, decorative articles, decorative panels, framed pieces, curtain rods, sheet, curtain rings and decorative pieces, venetian blinds, interior stairs, furniture (desks, chairs, windows countertops), lamps, etc. Can be used for indoor and outdoor decking, fence, door frames, wood tile, wood overall balcony, sea floors, building templates, moisture separators, stairs, handrail, guardrail, road plates, BAN cards, bike parking shed, room roof garden drainage board, anti-pipes and sites of ancient buildings, activity rooms, villas and so on.

Used in industrial pallets, mat board positions, warehouse shelves, glass shelves transportation, ammunition packaging, shipping pallets, general packaging materials (especially export commodities packaging), fish tank glass boxes, crates, forklifts and pallets, railway sleepers. Since WPC excellent water resistance, it is particularly suitable for parks, playgrounds, streets and other public places outdoor furniture, signs, billboards, bus shelters, highway noise barriers, railway sleepers, etc.
We can provide free sample pieces, free new products samples into container,and we can make the special samples as clients requirement .
We can do everything before delivery.You only need to make the order ,then box designing,raw material preparing,product producing,delivery and documents preparing all can be done by ourselves. We can design the products based on customers’ requirement,based on the patterns,colors,sizes and so on.

China Good Quality Phenolic Film Faced Plywood, Shuttering Plywood and Brown Film Faced Plywood International Trade Site. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Low water absorption, acid, anti-moth, fire performance, no pollution, long life and economic.

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outdoor waterproof deck box uk

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