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Our Plastic Chair comply with International Quality Standards and their quality and durability are fully guranteed. We offer custom-made Insect Netting Curtains made from high quality mosquito netting and noseeum netting through the architecture & design community.
Curtains hang using aluminum tracking similar to what is used for hospital privacy curtains that enable you to open and close your curtains whenever you choose. The cookie settings on this website are adjusted to allow all cookies so that you have the very best experience.
A substantial Garden shed made from hardwood, it comes pre-oiled and includes roofing felt. The assembly instructions leave a lot to be desired, but the quality of the cabinet is excellent and Tuin's customer service is outstanding. It looks lovely.Instructions were not very clear and quite a few screws missing but I'm delighted with the product .
This bench is Lovely its very well made and fits neatly into our arbour, delivery was very quick. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. If you have any questions pertaining to your particular installation you can always leave a comment below. You can click on any of these photos for a ridiculously large very detailed view of my lack of photography skills.
Every (except one) niche on this page was built in exactly the same way as I’ve described with these posts with only small variations in sizing, placement, etc. To create a shelf in this niche I’ve used two of the bullnose tiles, the same tile used for the sides of the niche, and placed them back to back. That is exactly what I mean when I say type that it is not always possible to lay out the niche where you want it.
Photo 3 is another simple niche like the one at the top except it is built into a subway-style shower. You can always offset the grout lines in the sides of the niche with the field tile, however, in doing that you must also offset the back of the niche with those grout lines. In this case I cut down some of the same tile in a larger size for the top, bottom, and shelf of the niche.
First, obviously, is the fact that the backs of them are a different color – the same as the liner.
I normally do not place the shelves in the center of the niche, no real reason to have four identically sized shelves. You will notice, however, that the layout and everything else is exactly the same as the rest – top and bottom line up with a grout line and the design and consistency flows through the niches. You will also notice (I hope by now) that the bottom of the niche does not line up with a grout line. The wall the niches are installed into is a diagonal wall and, as such, I was able to make the niches a foot deep.
The most difficult thing about placing niches in an on-point shower is that you will not be able to line up the grout lines. All the sides and top and bottom of these niches are full tiles which I bullnosed on the edge. You can do this with regular bullnose or, with natural stone, you can bullnose custom pieces to fit. You will also notice that the sides extend past the vertical grout lines in the field tile. There is another way to so an arch with regular ceramic or porcelain and standard bullnose. The bullnose is placed inside the niche as normal but the top pieces are cut into smaller (shorter) pieces to conform to the slope of the arch. All of the niches except number 7 (that was already framed in and finished before I showed up) were built nearly identically. They were all framed the same (except the arches) and cut and created after part of the field tile was installed. If you have any question pertaining to your specific niche installation just leave a comment below and I’ll get back with you as soon as elvenly possible.
Or do as I did…find a tile with a finished edge and use that for the sides, top, bottom and any shelves in the niche. Any trick to getting the back of the niche tile at the perfect depth when it’s a small format tile on mesh backing?

If the grout lines are not going to match up perfectly for a niche do you recommend putting a bullnose frame around it (like photo 10)?
Or should I try to match the wall tile grout to the tile grout that will be in the niche (like photo 6)?
Why don’t you miter you quorners in your shower nitchs for instance the one with the rubber ducky? Secondly, mitering is much harder when the walls are not perfectly square so if I just left the edge of the tile showing for the 4 pieces on the inside edge walls of the niche would that look ok and professional? Trying to figure out which is the best way for me to do the niche tiling, do I need to go find some kind of matching bullnose, etc.. Also, Would you attach the trim to the wall tiles and slide the niche tiles in and level to the schluter trim OR lay the wall tiles in line with the niche, then add the schulter trim to the niche tiles instead? I love everything about my newly tiled shower except one corner of the niche the diagonal cut stands out like a sore thumb. You install the tile in the niche, sides and back, up to where the bottom of your shelf will be. We are building our first shower and let me tell you -your site has provided so much help to us in the whole process-from the kerdi to tile. Your site is fantastic and has been our go-to for the remodel of our master shower and tub. I had a question that may or may not have been answered before, but when using a solid surface to make the shelves in a niche, should I just tile it in like you do when you put the two bull nose tiles together with the epoxy?
More questions, if I may be so bold, (I’d buy ya a beer if I could!); do you have any posts on how to slope a tiled shower floor?
You tile up to the row below the shelf, insert the shelf sitting on top of the tiles in the corner, then cut the next row around the shelf to lock it in. If you have too much time on your hands you can check this box to be notified of follow-up comments via e-mail. This Jackass is on Facebook now!I've decided to have my privacy violated and start putting things on Facebook. For more shipping rates including Express, Canada and International visit our Shipping Rates Page. Our fabric is pulled from jumbo 12ft wide rolls enabling us to make very large seamless panels (up to 150ft x 12ft). If you continue without changing your cookie settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website. Large enough for the lawnmower (with a bit of thought as to the best way to store it) and all my garden tools.
If you simply want a regular hole in the wall the exact size of one tile this is all you need.
Hopefully you are reading this before you’ve cut a hole in your wall or anything else.
The elements that make this niche stand out are the glass and travertine liner that run into the sides of the niche and the same liner on the back wall of the niche turned 90 degrees. Measure from the bottom of it to the bottom of your niche and that is the size to cut the first two side pieces of your niche. The big thing about getting these to look right is ensuring the pattern follows through in the back of the niche. However, the side pieces are twice as long as the height of the field tile, make sure you line up the grout lines or it won’t look right.
The order of installation is the same, however, you need to find a larger tile to use for your shelf. You want to keep the pattern consistent so that if you look at the niche straight on the grout lines do not jump, break, or move.
This particular niche has a solid piece of marble slab on the bottom for the shelf, which allows it to stick out a bit, and a small arch in the top. Doing that also allows this niche to be five inches deep without vertical grout lines in the sides of the niche.
The same as the simple niche I’ve described in all these posts, the one at the top of the page.
Doing it in that manner will ensure that your design flows and your niche is not an afterthought. Your site has been a tremendous help to me and I have almost completed our new bathroom addition. Building a niche into a wall only requires adding bracing between the existing studs, not cutting anything.

I could get a 20″ tile and cut it down, but was wondering if I could still mount the bullnose back-to-back, but just offset the tiles so the top only has one line and the bottom has 2? I am not sure what you mean when you say the shelf it supported by the tile on the back wall? Do you support the shelf only with the bottom side pieces or the bottom back piece as well? Do you set the shelf directly on the bottom pieces or do you leave a gap for grout under the shelf.
Yes, they will push the tiles below them down, but they should be supported anyway, or all of the tiles would push the ones below them down. Standard light bulbs for Joseph and Mary not included (compact fluorescent bulbs are highly recommended). Outdoor curtains are removable, washable, and often less expensive than traditional stapled screening. However, if you would like to, you can change your settings at any time using the Change cookie settings link in the Special menu.
The size, shape, location, just about everything depends on what you want your niche to look like.  I will only be able to cover some very general examples since there are, literally, endless possibilities for a shower niche.
That is the secret and the difference between a professionally designed and installed niche and a hole in the wall.
If you use something like that it allows you to extend the niche shelf out from the wall a bit.
I want to apologize ( I don’t do that often, by the way ) because this is the best photo I have of the niches themselves. That simply means that the bullnose pieces are placed on the outside of the niche to form a frame around it. Doing this you can also make the niche as deep as you want since the tiles inside are simply field tiles which are cut down to size.
I know that silicone is used at the inside corners of the shower but it is also nessecary to apply clear silicone over the grout joints in a properly waterproofed tile niche as well?
I also place thinset along the back of the shelf so it’s actually supported along the back with thinset. Do you think it would work to make a shelf of 2 pieces of tile with the Rondec on both, butted up against each other? To do it yourself requires nearly a thousand dollars in equipment and a lot of practice to get it to look correct.
When I answer a question you asked you will be notified via email whether you check this box or not.
More likely you’ll want to bling that bad boy out in order to make the neighbors and in-laws jealous, no? I was so happy with the outcome of that shower I nearly pissed myself with joy and forgot to get good photos of the niches.
The secret to this application is to install the entire niche then cut the field tile to it rather than the other way around. My concern with the tile was that if I do this back to back, it is a very thick shelf and the bottom of the tile wont really work for the bottom of the shelf. I didnt think it could sit on it, or the shelf would have to be wider than the normal bull nose, correct?
You can also cut down a full tile for the bottom of your shelf and have bullnose as the top, with a piece in the back however wide you need it to be to reach the back of the niche. In your second picture from the top of this post–ie the one with the rubber ducky-we LOVE the way you wrapped the glass tile into (outside edge) the niche and would love to do the same.
Don’t stop the liner on the sides, have regular bullnose all the way around the niche, then continue the liner across the back of the niche.
It’s because I did not build the niche spaces, the framer, homeowner, and drywaller did. Install your entire niche and hold up your tile to the sides of it exactly in the right spot to mark them.
I’m using the traditional cement board and barrier method so, the niche had Redguard applied to it for waterproofing. It was getting pretty late and my thinset was mixed and already starting to thicken so, I placed a piece of cement board over the back of the niche that already had Redguard applied and finished out the niche.

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