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I taught myself how to design, install, and paint period style moldings because I couldn't afford to hire a pro to do it for me. We definitely still have to deal with the ceiling and those fans among a few other things, so this is just the beginning of the top 5% of the room’s transformation. And the soft gray color washed over the beams seems to be a really good start when it comes to making the living room feel more like us. And for those who aren’t quite convinced, just remember that the room is about 8% done. Yes that picture alone spurred me to get a haircut the very next day (the first one I got since Clara was born 9 months ago).
It’s almost as if we turned down the red and upped the weathered gray tones for a soft aged effect that fits right in thanks to the deep charcoal sectional on the ground (which definitely does its part to balance out the dark beams). In the end, we both love that we took a risk and went waaaaay outside of our paint-it-white comfort zone and did something that looks weathered and stately and polished yet surprisingly soft.
Oh yeah I did that about an hour after you guys confirmed my lingering suspicions that it never should have gone white in the first place! Looks great – I have to admit I was a little skeptical when you said you were going with dark grey – but what a difference! Someday we’d love to refinish all the mismatched wood floors in our house so they feel a lot more cohesive. If you are using Internet Explorer 6 which is out of date and is a security risk to your computer - please click here to find out more. For some people, the idea of painting your hardwood floors seems vaguely sinful, just like painting gumwood wainscoting.
The first sample is better to be said as family living room where not only girl do their activity here but also boy. Applying brown and blue living room concept actually is a good idea to give warm, simple, and masculine accent at the same time.
Steep Stairs White Painted Stair Railing Sleek Wood Floor Updated by Dick Oatts on Thursday, May 16, 2013, is one of the images from the main short article Incredible Painted Stair Railing Creates Cool Protecion.There are 13 more images that you can see below. We think it’s kinda charming and dramatic without feeling nearly as heavy as the old dark reddy-brown beams felt. We have a too-small rug and media center, huge honking fans on either side of the room (centered over nothing) that will be coming down, giant naked windows and sliders crying out for some curtains, nothing on the walls at all, etc.
We returned home with those three test pots and did a series of applications on the beams to see what we liked best. Ok, disaster is probably a bit too dramatic, but it was so watery it ran right off the beam I was test painting and onto the floor. Then it was as easy as as simple as as mindnumbingly repetitive as using the 2″ foam brush to softly dry brush the medium gray paint all over the bottom and sides of each beam, piece of trim, and piece of quarter round for an imperfect but soft and charming weathered gray wood effect. The entire project didn’t even exhaust the small amount of paint that we originally picked up to use just as a tester. I would never have thought to do a thin coat so that you can still see the natural wood grain, it looks awesome! The foam brush was just not at all controllable, so in order to get into the corners of the wood we needed to tape things off.

They felt dry and chalky actually, so we knew they’d soak up the paint really well instead of repel it. Soooo glad you didn’t go white on those gorgeous beams and love that you can see the grain coming through. But in fact, it’s a charming way to add a bright, cozy look to a cottage or Cape Cod-style interior, and you can’t beat it for updating and brightening up a room. Color combination of two different colors such as: brown and blue color in living room will look perfect to create masculine and feminine accent at the same time. The entire living room is covered by blue-grey paint color with pure white color painted on the windows and door frame.
I know some people love the look of untouched wood beams but they just weren’t right for us. Heck, just adding in a bright 8 x 10 rug (instead of our current 5 x 8 one) and hanging some bold floor length curtains panels high and wide on those windows and glass doors will make this space feel 500 times more finished (and help the beams fit right in with the other textures and saturated colors that we’ll be adding in). What I did to the beams could best be described as a combination between whitewashing graywashing, sponging, and drybrushing. We went with only one coat (which was very thinly applied, I’d stretch the paint as long as possible, dragging the foam brush so it would spread it out for a nice thin and translucent effect). This is a pic of our Shaker Gray test paint pot when we were completely done painting the beams with it. And we think it’ll look even more finished once we figure out what color we’ll add to the ceiling (a soft metallic champagne color? That took a good hour or so on its own but then made painting go faster since I didn’t have to worry about staying in the lines! It sounds like yours might need some sanding or even some chemical stripping to get to that point. Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Armless Chairs Modern Living Room Chairs Starck Ghost Dining Room Chairs For Sale Metal Dining Room Chairs Designer Chairs Designers Chairs Fabric Dining Chairs Painted Dining Chairs Casual Dining Chairs Acrylic Dining Chairs Dining Tables Sets Dining Arm Chairs Modern Dining Room Wood Table And ChairsJoin the discussion on this Armless Chairs Modern Living Room Chairs Starck Ghost Dining Room Chairs For Sale Metal Dining Room Chairs Designer Chairs Designers Chairs Fabric Dining Chairs Painted Dining Chairs Casual Dining Chairs Acrylic Dining Chairs Dining Tables Sets Dining Arm Chairs Modern Dining Room Wood Table And Chairs using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. Now we will discuss about brown and blue living room color theme application in several living room samples. The only brown things found in this modern living room are on the L letter sofa shape and simple rectangular wool rug in the living room center. Brown coffee table, L letter shape sofa, wood floor, and blind curtain give this simple living room the brownie accent.
And as the light changes the freshly gray-ified beams go from soft and rustic to deeper and more dramatic. Then I tried using a dry foam brush to lightly brush on some paint directly from the tester.
Perfect blue and brown composition on the living room furniture and accessories is very unique and harmony. The blue accent is only found on the abstract painting, coffee table decoration, and a cushion on the cream sofa. Which is definitely fun since the room seems to get a bit swankier and more moody as the sun sets.
And we think the beams will fit right in with our vision for the space as we slowly add in more color, art, fabrics, etc.

First we taped a few different swatch cards up on the beams and picked the three gray tones we liked best (which ended up being the last three swatches on the middle card from Benjamin Moore: Shaker Gray 1594, Rocky Coast 1595, and Nightfall 1596). Coffee table and cabinet are made of oiled solid wood; they intentionally designed with the same style to each other. Other accessories in this brown and blue living room such as: table lamps, photo frames, and candles are painted in white as well as the window and door frame. Green rug and cushion with stripes motif give fresh twist in this brown and blue living room.
Along with my neck, back, chin (yes, chin) and various other body parts (calves, glutes, even my obliques for some odd reason). We tried watering down a drop of paint on a ceramic plate and applying it with a foam brush.
Brown love sofa is located in front of blue wall, while a single blue sofa located in front of off white wall. So we picked the test pot color that we liked best with the dry brush method (which happened to be the lightest of the grays that we brought home- Shaker Gray 1594 by Benjamin Moore) and used a wet rag to wipe down the other two test applications on the beam. Other brown and blue color composition found on the curtains, pillowcase, and other accessories.
I might have even been smiling as I painted – although I think that face could probably best be described as a grimace.
Amazingly the unchosen paint applications came right off since they were so freshly applied and we left the winning one up there as a starting point.
The solution is a product called waterborne alkyd, a hybrid of sorts, which combines the tough finish of alkyd with the easy cleanup and low VOC of latex. Sand the floor thoroughly to take off as much of the urethane or varnish as possible, and to create what’s called a “tooth” that the paint can stick to. Finish with a good vacuuming and dusting with a tack cloth and mineral spirits, to get rid of all traces of dust and specks. If you’re planning to paint a pattern, tape off the unpainted sections with painter’s tape. A better choice is a four-inch-wide natural-bristle brush, which allows the paint to “set-up” to a gleaming, super-smooth finish. Allow to dry for 24 hours between coats; sand and dust with the tack cloth before applying the next coat. A job well doneYou can walk on your floor and even put your furniture back after 72 hours, but avoid heavy traffic or dragging furniture on the newly painted floor for the next two weeks or so, to allow it to cure completely.
There’s no need to add a clear top coat of sealer; as Alison points out, many oil-based sealers can add an unattractive yellow tinge that may alter the colour of the floor.
A painted floor will last for two or three years and – unlike a worn-out polyurethaned or varnished floor – is relatively easy to touch up when the time comes.

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