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Toshiba has announced its new External Cloud drive that comes in with 2TB or 3TB storage capacity, the new storage device is expected to be launched later next month. The companion application for the Toshiba Canvio Personal Cloud include both desktop and mobile applications, allowing you to access your data, music, media and photos anywhere you can get an Internet connection. Toshiba plans to launch the new Canvio Personal Cloud on the market in September, the 2TB model will go for the price of $220 while the 3TB model goes for the price of $250.
Tech Enthusiasts, Web Designer & Entrepreneur are only a few words that describes what I do. There are many cloud storage services on the markets, but if you prefer to manage your digital content, you may like to check the Monument, a personal cloud device that syncs and organizes your photos and videos from smartphone and cameras.
More and more cloud services have been available, but if you don’t want your private files to be stolen, you may more like to use NextDrive Plug to turn your USB external drive into a personal cloud storage device. ReVault looks like a smartwatch and it can wirelessly communicate with your smartphone, but in fact, it’s a wearable private cloud storage device that can be used to securely store your data from your smartphone or tablet. Many people who are using cloud storage services more and more focus on file security and privacy. Need a large storage to save your numerous photos and videos or a comfortable way to enjoy your favorite movies? The Toshiba Canvio Personal Cloud hard drive is available in two capacities; 2TB and 3TB, for personal storage needs. Stream your content wirelessly to any device such as Smart TVs, gaming consoles, PCs, tablets, etc. The Toshiba Canvio Personal Cloud hard drive is a standard matte black finish, which looks very much like the recently reviewed Toshiba Canvio Desk 3TB external desktop hard drive.
The back side of the device houses a reset button, Ethernet port, Kensington lock slot, 12V DC adapter and USB port.

Setting up the Toshiba Canvio Personal Cloud hard drive is a very simple process thanks to Toshiba's simple to use setup installation software. Another option to upload files to the Personal Cloud is to click on the up arrow at the bottom of the full screen of the Canvio Personal Cloud Software.
In addition to the Personal Cloud, the software has the function to completely backup your device and create a rescue media in case of a system malfunction or failure.
The one feature that the Canvio Personal Cloud is missing is the ability to incrementally backup your personal files to your personal cloud.
Toshiba offers two capacities; 2TB and 3TB, for its Canvio Personal Cloud hard drive, which gives you the necessary capacity to store your music, pictures, videos, and files on your personal cloud.
The Toshiba Canvio Personal Cloud provides an easy to use device to set up a personal cloud that allows you to store, share, and stream your music, pictures, videos, and files between your desktop computers, laptops, tablets and or smartphones. Other than direct access by connecting the device to a computer, it also has applications included that allow you to access the drives content remotely. With its cloud-based feature, the Robin Android smartphone smartly organizes your apps and photos based on your usage habits. You can use public cloud services or take a look at Sherlybox, a private and shareable cloud storage. You can ask for 3rd party provider or try Nanohive, a domestic personal server and cloud storage.
First thing you'll do is connect the device to your network or PC and run the installation software. When you modify the sharing options, you have the ability to change the users access rights from deny, read-only to full access.
On this screen, you have the option to download files to your device that others may have uploaded by clicking on the down arrow and dragging the file of chooses into the box than download.

This function is more set up as a full operating system recovery method than it is for recovery of the personal files on your computer. It is still a manual process of uploading files to your cloud, so your still run the risk of losing your data on your device if you don't perform a necessary backup.
The Canvio Personal Cloud software is easy to set up and use, which quickly gets your personal cloud up and running, without the need to modify often confusing router settings.
Users gain peace of mind knowing that they can access and share files anywhere in the world at any time.
On the front of the device, there are five LED lights that are indicators of the storage capacity of the drive.
When you enable remote access, you'll need to record the supplied PIN number, as it will be required to access the Canvio Personal Cloud remotely by PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone, via free downloadable app. With its support for Windows PCs, Android and iOS-based tablets and smartphones, and DLNA-compatible devices, the Canvio Personal Cloud offers an easy solution to share files between your computer, tablet and smartphone.
The first LED provides a dual function of letting the user know that the device is 30% or less of its capacity and a drive activity indicator.
The easiest way to upload your information to your Personal Cloud is to use the Upload function which gives you the option to upload your music, videos, photos and documents of your choice.

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