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To gain access to this Brotherhood of Steel Quest, players must first complete the Main Quest: Reunions, and also become a member of the Brotherhood of Steel faction. This guide will help you take the necessary steps to complete the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Shadow of Steel. The Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Shadow of Steel becomes available upon completion of Act I. At the end of the Main Quest: Reunions, players will emerge from Fort Hagen to discover a massive airship flying overhead. Once Paladin Danse leaves, you will have the opportunity to briefly discuss several topics with Lancer-Captain Kells. After speaking with Lancer-Captain Kells, head to the Prydwen Command Deck through the doorway beside the Brotherhood Knight. When Elder Maxson is finished with his address, speak with Maxson and he will promote you to the rank of Knight, regardless of your previous ranking. Locate this container in the lounge area above the Main Deck to fulfill the Miscellaneous Quest.
After speaking with Elder Maxson, you are free to roam about the Prydwen to familiarize yourself with the airship. On the Main Deck, pass through the corridor to the dining area and speak with Paladin Danse. Continue on to the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Tour of Duty, or return to USGamer's Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide.
For instructions on how to join this faction, check out our guide on how to join the Brotherhood of Steel faction before continuing with this quest walkthrough. If you have already been inducted as a member into the Brotherhood of Steel, you will now be prompted to begin the Shadow of Steel quest. If your Charisma rank is high enough, you can attempt to pry Kells for details about their mission.

Maxson also has arranged to give you a new suit of Power Armor, which you can find in Power Armor Station 03 on the main deck of the Prydwen.
Before speaking with Danse, you have the option to open your personal storage container to fulfill a Miscellaneous Quest.
After a brief discussion about Maxson, Paladin Danse will become available as a Companion option. Bring up your Pip-Boy and tune into Military Frequency AF95 within the Radio tab to listen to the transmission. Get situated behind the minigun turret and prepare for a nice trip overlooking the Commonwealth. After some brief dialogue between Danse and Kells, Danse will be dismissed to wait for further instructions. As you enter the room, Elder Maxson will begin to give an inspiring speech to several Brotherhood members. Take the ladder to the Main Deck, and head up one of the two staircases ahead that lead to the lounge area. Choose whether or not to bring along Danse as your Companion to conclude the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Shadow of Steel. During the flight, you are free to open fire on anything down below, including Raider encampments. There’s quite a bit of information in his speech regarding the Brotherhood’s current purpose and objective. Locate your personal storage container at the foot of one of the beds on the right, and access its contents to complete the Miscellaneous Quest.

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personal storage container fallout 4 quakecon

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