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As an example of what can be done, in these before and after photos a full porch was replaced with an addition and a smaller entry porch.
Service AreaWe serve the greater Missoula area, including Missoula, the Bitterroot valley to Hamilton, the Blackfoot valley to Lincoln, the Mission valley to Polson, and the Clark Fork valley from Georgetown Lake to Superior.
We serve the greater Missoula area, including the Blackfoot valley to Lincoln, the Bitterroot valley to Hamilton, the Mission valley to Polson, and the Clark Fork valley from Drummond to Superior.
Be sure to take on only those tasks you are comfortable doing and observe any and all safety precautions when working outside on a roof. To begin your dormer project, you may need a plan to present to your local building department. After the dormer is framed and the sheathing is attached then roll up your sleeves and get busy.
Ceilings and walls should be insulated according to your climate conditions and drywall should be hung. Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Projects this large and complex are expensive, especially when you add in elements like windows. Building a dormer requires a tool belt loaded with all the basic carpentry tools, plus a few extras—a circular saw, reciprocating saw, framing square and 2- and 4-ft. The size of the new triple rafters and common rafters will vary with the roof and dormer size and local conditions.

Like any other major remodeling project, your dormer project will progress more smoothly if you work out the details on paper or a full-size layout on your garage floor (Figure B), before beginning construction.
After the plans have been approved by the building department, take them to a full-service lumberyard. The addition created space for a bedroom, while adding an upstairs dormer allowed us to move stairs and create room for a full bath.
This article is not intended to guide you step by step through the construction process but rather to give you an overview of what is involved and what you can do.
Depending on your skill and comfort level, you can elect to complete the project or specific parts of it.
Before applying the siding you will need to wrap the sheathing with 30 lb felt paper or apply an appropriate housewrap. You should have a few remodeling projects under your belt before tackling a task this big and complex. However, you can cut significant cost if your contractor allows you to do some of the work and you are willing to take on specific tasks. It'll create the additional headroom you need to make a comfortable living space--an extra bedroom, studio or playroom. If you're a little unsure of your rough-framing or roofing skills, hire a carpenter to help with this phase of the project.
Set aside at least a four-day chunk of time for the basic framing, because once the roof's open, you've got to keep at it until the dormer is weathertight.

You'll also need good equipment for working up high, an extension ladder, roofing brackets and scaffolding (see “Roof Safety”). To make sure the dormers work, we recommend hiring an architect who specializes in residential construction or remodeling. And a dormer window provides natural light, fresh air and perhaps some dramatic treetop views. The architect will help you consider issues such as roof slope, interior headroom, exterior appearance, structural strength, roof condition and cost. Dormers look great from the outside, too, adding variety to a plain front and improving your home's curb appeal, not to mention the resale value.
Plan on spending seven or eight more weekends finishing the interior and completing the exterior painting. If the dormer is feasible, the architect will draw up plans that include all the dimensions and special structural details.
We’ll show you the major steps to follow when building a dormer, including how to cut and reframe your existing roof, assemble the dormer walls and frame your new roof. If you do decide to proceed with renovations or renovation financing our design work can be the bridge you need to work with both banks and contractors.

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