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We currently have a fault with our phone lines, we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Disclaimer: All specification data is provided in good faith and is subject to manufacturer change without notice.
Our Duramax Woodside plastic garden sheds are made from a fire retardant durable PVC Vinyl which lies upon a steel frame creating a seriously strong structure which is resistant to all sorts of nuisances such as rot and rust.
Please contact us for advice and confirmation should any value be of essence to your purchase.

These plastic garden sheds are perfect for the taller tools such as rakes and brooms and shelving units can be added for organisation of smaller items and tools. Items stored in these seriously attractive plastic garden sheds are safe from damage from outside conditions. An advantage that outweighs almost all other wooden sheds is that our plastic garden sheds do not require any treatment saving time and money on an annual basis. The roof is made from stronger PVC meaning that the UK weather simply runs off the roof as it stands strong against the highest of winds.

A 15 year warranty comes as standard with our plastic garden sheds and also means that long lasting storage is assured.
Assembling your shed is extremely simple following our detailed guide that is provided with delivery meaning that you wont have to worry about a stressful build, or if you haven’t got the time, our assembly team can build your shed for an extra fee when checking out.

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plastic garden sheds for sale in kent county

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