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Disclaimer: All specification data is provided in good faith and is subject to manufacturer change without notice. This Duramax plastic shed 8x10 is the perfect plastic shed for extremely secure and amazing value storage. Play Product VideoDuramax plastic sheds are the highest specification lightweight garden sheds in the market. Our Verdict: We usually only list only apex sheds but this pent shed (sloping roof) is such good value we could not resist. If a homeowner wants a permanent, stable structure, he or she should invest in a wooden shed rather than a plastic shed. For most homeowners, the idea of building a large wooden shed for the back yard garden can seem both daunting and expensive.
While a plastic shed may not be the most rugged choice for a backyard shed, it is perhaps the most mobile. If the homeowner is looking for a more permanent, stable structure, the plastic shed is not ideal.
The price of plastic sheds can't be beat; they are far less expensive than metal and wood sheds of the same size. Something you might want to consider if you're going to buy a plastic shed anyway, is where you want to set it up.
I do think it depends on the variety of plastic shed if you are comparing the ability for it to survive wear and tear. Please contact us for advice and confirmation should any value be of essence to your purchase.
Constructed from fire retardant PVC panels, this duramax plastic shed 8x10 holds a superior build which is maintenance free, will never rot or rust and does not require any further treatment saving time and money.
Apart from the high grade of PVC and steel, they have vents to allow airflow and a skylight as standard.

All delivery estimates can be found on the relevant product page below the price (once options have been selected). Once your order has been processed it is passed to the carrier who will contact you directly to arrange or inform you about delivery via call or text. Even metal sheds might be too much for what the homeowner will use the shed for, while other homeowners want a better option for easy set up and tear down.
It is light enough to be moved from one location to another with only two people carrying it, and it is waterproof and easy to build. The plastic shed is lightweight and not nearly as sturdy as a wood or metal shed, which means it may cave in or collapse in high winds or heavy snow. If you get the right kind and set it up near the house, you can actually get yourself a bit of free heating, if it lets the sunlight in. My grandfather has a metal shed that might be older than he is for all I know and it's certainly older than I am. If you get a heavy duty plastic, it will last longer than a standard tin shed, just because the plastic is never going to break down. The shed is reinforced by a steel frame which ensures a weatherproof build and is strong enough to withstand high winds and extreme weather. Each duramax apex shed has pad-lockable hinge doors with one door featuring internal locking bolts allowing access to all your stored items through either a single or double door opening. Please note the estimated times are in Working Days and exclude the day your order is received.
A plastic shed may be the answer for such homeowners who want a simple shed that can house tools, garbage cans, lawnmowers, or other household items that don't have a place in the home or garage.
Most varieties of plastic shed come in kits that can be put together in minutes, and they are made from a rugged plastic that will be fairly durable and sturdy. Most plastic shed models are designed to withstand only a certain amount of force, so if the homeowner is storing anything valuable in the shed, he or she may want to consider a more stable structure.
Plastic sheds are meant only for small to medium storage around the house, garden, or workplace.

It will act a little bit like a conservatory and heat up that wall of the house, if it's a clear plastic.
The wide double doors on this duramax plastic shed 8x10 means storing items is hassle free and extremely easy.
The shed is fiddly to assemble, but if you can overcome that you will have a good shed at a really great price and free delivery. A plastic shed is a simple, easy to install option that is easy on the wallet and even easier to move if necessary.
They do not require any special base or foundation, and they can be placed directly on a lawn, patch of dirt, or driveway. They do not need to be painted or stained like wood does, and they will not rust like metal. The translucent roof allows for adequate light to flow in creating a natural light source for this duramax plastic shed 8x10.
You wont have to worry about your shed falling apart as we promise a 10 year non-perforation guarantee, this not only ensures your items are safe from nuisances such as rot, but delivers outstanding value for money. Most are made of high quality plastic that will resist warping or yellowing in the sun, but less expensive models may not be resistant to this and can fade or warp after time.
This shed is extremely simple to assemble and will only take a few hours.A foundation kit is supplied with this shed. You're better off spending a little bit more to get a decent one, or at least one with a decent guarantee.

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