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This charming pole barn home from Morton, also featured here, is clad with brick on both gable ends.
Overlooking the living room below, the upper level stair landing leads to a bedroom and a study. Additional Photos & Enlarged Pole Barn House PlansSee ANOTHER Charming Human & Horse Barn Building Design!See MORE Hobby Farm Homes for Horses!
When a friend tells you that he will build a house with zero construction background, you will probably shake your head while giving him a pat on the shoulder. Questions? You might find your answer in the comment section of the original post – click here.

Please check back often or subscribe to our RSS feed, as we fre-quently add new farm and barn home designs to our site. Zero construction experience certainly did not stop Blake from erecting a beautiful metal home with an impressive interior.
It has the basic facilities every home should have such as bedrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, bathrooms, and an open space porch!
Neely Design Associates, this relatively new and richly detailed dwelling evokes the nostalgic charm and romance of an earlier time.
The metal home may look like a simple building from the outside with nothing extraordinary, but the interior design is the complete opposite and will definitely blow you away.

Who would have thought that  a man without a construction experience can build an amazing metal pole barn house? What is even more amazing is the fact that Blake has built this home for considerable amount of budget.

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pole barn house construction

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