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The possibilities and uses for portable buildings and storage sheds are virtually limited only in your mind. Campbells is a distributor of quality products manufactured by General Shelters of Texas, which offers over four decades of building manufacturing experience and is devoted to producing the highest quality, most durable buildings available on the market today. Portable, modular and mobile buildings are available in a wide selection of exterior colors to correspond with most surroundings. Campbell Portable Buildings also offers Port-o-Covers and Perm-a-Covers, which offer sturdy, dependable shelter for cars, boats, recreational vehicles, entrances, industrial equipment or animals and livestock. 4) Our prices are at or below our competition while still offering a far superior building. Portable garage depot: instant temporary portable garages, Portable garage depot is your source for instant all weather portable garages and portable carport building kits for all weather instant storage protection to protect. Portablerange – secure portable buildings - extraspace, Portablerange – secure portable buildings. If you are looking for that house for under $20k, look no further than Global Portable Buildings, Inc. Unlike most of their competition, these are available now and all you need to do is place an order. Shipping containers unlike mobile homes are built to be stacked 20 high and withstand the worst ocean bound weather can throw at them.
I agree with you on finding an old single wide and revamping it would be another great option. I’ve been sent off to Afghanistan and on my way there now, At some of the smaller bases, they use extra storage containers and convert them into rooms for everybody. The advantage of container housing over mobile homes is they are sturdier construction from the shell. I suggest you search more this method of recycling the vast quantity of these containers entering the USA. Although there are different types of saunas, steam (traditional) saunas are what most people think of when saunas are mentioned.
Does anyone know the approximate ball park range of these international shipping containers? I saw on one blogsite that they run around 2-3000 for the 20 and 40 footers, plus shipping. They are great as you can easily haul them, or stack one on the other, they are durable, and can take much more punishment than a standard single wide. The last one I lived in was in Baghdad, it was a 40 footer, I had a kitchen, very nice bathroom (shower no tub), room for a queen size bed, desk, shelving units, AC with heating element for colder weather, walls were finished to with paneling.
These are good shelters for rapid installation, but should only be considered for short term and emergency housing, and not as a permanent dwelling. Ordering is Easy!Our ProcessSimpco Portable Buildings located in Kerrville, Texas are extremely easy to order and have delivered. On the Boxed Eave Style Metal Carport, (A-Frame Type), the Carport comes with the Standard Horizontal Roof.
The Regular Style Triple Wide Carport, (Standard Rolled-Corner Type), the Carport comes with the Standard Horizontal Roof. Our Metal Enclosed Garages are built with high quality steel components that are long lasting, strong, and durable.

Check Out Treated Buildings+HIGHEST QUALITY CONSTRUCTIONSimpco Portable Buildings has the highest quality Portable Buildings and Portable Storage Buildings in the industry. I have previously purchased one of your buildings with your rent to own program and love it. Received my lofted barn today, and already love it and can't wait to get all of my stuff from storage and have it here at home. Simpco Portable Buildings - Kerrville, Texas - Industries Highest Quality Portable Buildings At The Best Prices. Davis Portable Buildings Arkansas, proudly serving our Southwest Arkansas clients since 1987. We have now expanded our Ouachita Mountain, home office location in Glenwood Arkansas to not only serve All of Arkansas, but also Northeast Texas, Southern Oklahoma, Northern Louisiana and Southern Missouri as well.
For more information or to schedule a free design consultation and obtain a price quote, please call us today.
Sizes range from widths of 8' to 18' and lengths of 8' to 60' (mobile offices to 80'), along with the option of multiple sections. Each cover features commercial grade steel with baked-on finish, self-supporting steel structures for added strength, a 40-year limited warranty on metal and a variety of colors from which to choose. These are very affordable with the 8 x 20 starting at $16,500 and the 8 x 40 starting at $23,500. Taking a shipping container and welding it to a well-grounded foundation could resist weather that would tear apart even the best built mobile home. These are extremely sturdy, and there is no reason you could not buy or get a free storage container and convert one yourself.
I wonder what the possibilities would be of rotating them end over end and establishing a second story element or a loft? You have had personal experience with it and I have not and I appreciate your perspective on the subject. Traditional steam saunas have been used for hundreds of years by many different societies for many different reasons and are relatively new to the United States. A Metal Enclosed Garage will outlast and endure the elements much longer than wood or canvas ones, and stay looking like new for many years to come.
The 8′-wide model features a single door, the larger models include double wood doors. It combines the best features of the lofted barn and cabin, but offers 3 windows and a wrap around porch.
We pride ourselves on not only having the best quality materials but also the best construction often times resulting in twice the durability of our competitors.Check Out Painted Buildings+LOWEST PRICESSimpco Portable Buildings has the lowest prices in the industry without sacrificing quality.
It was delivered by David Simpson in Kerrville, Texas He did a great get it placed where I wanted the building placed. Let the Professionals At Simpco Help!We can help you pick out the perfect building to suit your needs and get the best options available to you.
So if your looking for a great portable warehouse at a great price you have come to the right place! The prices are for the states of AL, AR, GA, IL, IA, KS, KY, LA, MS, MO, NE, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA and WV.

They make a standard storage container into a very livable structure, which is also very affordable.
Although aimed at the construction industry, you the buyer will need to verify with your area what permits etc. Also that you can buy one as a fully equipped cabin or cottage for fewer than 17,000 adds to its allure. Today traditional saunas fall in the same luxury category as hot-tubs and are becoming somewhat more affordable starting roughly at US $2500. You can even have your building finished out to make a cabin, guest house or other living space.PaymentSimpco makes ordering a breeze.
Standard features include a single door in the 8′-wide, and a double door in larger models.
Our portable buildings are hand built using some of the most durable materials and techniques to allow your portable building to last a lifetime. On this style you have the option of having the roof panels installed vertically for an additional charge.
The 8′ wide model features a single metal door, the larger models include a double metal door.
The standard extra high walls make it an ideal solution for a small office, a family getaway, or playhouse.
Choose quality and save your wallet Simpco Portable Buildings & Portable Storage.Check Out Metal Buildings+BEST SERVICESSimpco Portable Buildings has the best customer service and service options in the industry. Simpco Portable Building's RENT-TO-OWN PROGRAM - NO CREDIT CHECK - FIND OUT INSTANTLY!!Simpco Portable Buildings introduces its own specialized RENT-TO-OWN program specifically catered to you to help you afford the building that you want the way you want it. We have not only a specialized Rent-To-Own program to make our buildings extremely affordable.
Don't worry no credit check required and almost everyone is accepted, try it today!DeliveryGet it delivered! There is no credit check required and the only requirement is that you pay the small deposit and first months rent.
We also deliver FREE to most places in Texas and install your portable building or storage for FREE as well. We deliver to most places in Texas for FREE including setup, sit back and relax while we setup your high quality portable building, portable storage, or living space. If you are intrested in this amazing opportunity just roll over the red button to the right hand side. If it turns to a "check" we have room in our RENT-TO-OWN portable building program for you RIGHT NOW!
Don't delay limited spots are available click the check to be directed to the store and reserve your spot now.

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