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If the house is feeling a little cramped lately and the garage overflowing with tools, boxes and storage, it might be time to order one of our stylish pre built storage buildings.
You can buy all our pre build sheds online and save time when it is delivered straight to you.
For the most convenience for you, Alan's Factory Outlet portable prebuilt sheds, storage buildings and prefab garages are delivered in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.
We offer free delivery on all portable buildings, prebuilt sheds, storage buildings and prefab garages in Luray VA, Stanley VA, Shenandoah VA, Rileyville VA, Bentonville VA, Front Royal VA, Stephen City VA, Mount Jackson VA, Woodstock VA, Harrisonburg VA, Winchester VA, Middletown VA, Strasburg VA, Edinburg VA, Fort Valley VA, Sperryville VA, New Market VA, Washington VA and Amissville VA.
Storage Buildings and Prefab Garages are delivered statewide in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. Portable Building Ideas, attractive buildings that offer an added addition to any Home or Office.
There is a lifetime warranty to the purchaser against termite damage or decay on all pressure treated lumber (flooring system and exterior of the building).
The roof for both our shingled and metal covered portable buildings come with a 30-year warranty. At Portable Building Ideas we intend for you to receive a quality product, which will provide long and satisfying service. Please call us at (928) 503-3226 or use our Contact us page for any questions you might have so we can assist you with your storage problems. This is a 14x28 Dutch Barn Garage with light grey siding, white trim, and light grey shingle. 14x32 Wood Sided Dutch Barn Portable GarageLooking for a place to get your car out of the sun, rain, snow, and dirt? We take pride in knowing that we offer only the highest quality Amish built garages available anywhere. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to purchase factory direct through our distribution center located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Jumbo Sheds serves North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Visit an Affordable Portable showroom today, and see our huge selection of portable buildings. Recently, We became the Central Texas distributer for EZ Log cabins, bungalows, garden houses, and studios.
Affordable Portable Structures has been manufacturing and delivering the highest quality specialty buildings in Central Texas for over thirty years.
For residential areas it is common to be limited to a shed size of 120 square feet, or less, to not require a building permit. It is important for any building to be level, and the type of structure, whether it is a shed, a garage, a backyard office or some other use, there are several factors that will determine what type of foundation will be required.
There are four main types of foundations, dry stack cinder block, dug and poured footers columns, crushed gravel, or poured concrete slab. This is generally the choice when a shed or building has a pressure treated flooring system and is small enough that it doesn’t require footers. A crushed gravel foundation is generally used when a site may encounter moisture problems, as the crushed gravel can aid with drainage. Dug footer pillars are generally used when a building is large enough for the government to require an inspected foundation for a building that has a wood flooring system. A poured concrete slab is the most expensive option and is generally required for a building that is the size of a two car garage or larger and is going to be used to store cars or other gasoline powered equipment. Almost every day the question is asked “Can we move a wood shed?” The next question that follows is, “Can we disassemble the building and reassemble it?”  Nuts, bolts or screws are intended to be removed.

If the shed or building was delivered pre-assembled on a trailer to the site originally, then chances are it will be able to be moved.
Prior to moving the shed, remove all contents, to lighten the load and prevent possible damage. Moving outside of the yard, if there is direct access, a flat bed trailer  or tow truck is the answer to mobility. Depending on the size of the shed and the cost involved to move it, it may be more cost effective to leave the old shed behind and have a new one installed at the new location. Alan's Factory Outlet sells attractive prebuilt storage sheds that keep all your precious belongings organized and safe.
With our strong, durable materials, this is a purchase that will last a long time and simplify life by offering extra room and space.
Select from Storage Sheds, Portable Buildings, Portable Offices, Garages, Workshops, Playrooms for the kids, Utility rooms and ideal for parties and entertaining.
This lifetime warranty also covers any pressure treated material on painted, metal and vinyl buildings. All metal buildings are constructed of 29 gauge roll-formed metal sheeting with a 20-year paint and rust through warranty. Our no strings plan allows you to have your own storage facility for your backyard, business or even a work at Home office when and where you need it. You are not required to fill out a credit application, nor are you required to keep your buildings. We offer both twelve and fourteen foot wide handcrafted Amish garages in both vinyl and wood with FREE Delivery to Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, and Ohio. This garage has everything you need with a pedestrian side door, two end vents, two 24"x36"window and stainless steel diamond plating on garage door entry for added protection.
Includes 9x7 garage door with diamond plating on entryway, two end vents, two 24"x36" single hung windows and one 36" pedestrian door.
These garages are part of inventory overstock, or garages that were double built by our construction department or double ordered by our sales department. Perfect for your use as an office, garage, shed, or workshop, these specialty buildings are manufactured at our Austin warehouse and sold direct to our customers at very affordable prices.
Available fully installed, or as complete do-it-yourself kits, these all-wood buildings represent a very exciting development in the specialty building industry. In Virginia as of 2015, the state building code states that accessory structures 256 square feet or less do not need a building permit, the previous cutoff was 200 square feet.
Many people are under the mistaken impression that a portable building does not require a building or zoning permit.
When preparing a crushed gravel foundation, as a general rule of thumb, the pad should be at least two feet wider and two feet longer than the building or shed that is being placed upon it. It is also best to get all applicable permits approved before the building is put into place, that way you can be sure that you don’t have to do any remedial work to comply with the permit requirements. However, if the building or shed was built on-site in the present location, it may not be able to be moved cost effectively.
There are normally a number of obstacles in the way, be it at the current or new site or along the route.
We will repair any defect that we deem to affect the function, weather proof, and overall value of the building to our consumers for 3 years after the purchase. A 36" pedestrian door is also included in addition to a 24"x36" single hung window for additional lighting and venting.
This garage is ready for delivery to your site.Free delivery to North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

This building comes completely assembled, simply make available a level area in which our delivery truck can have access. Manufactured in over 100 different shapes and sizes using the highest quality lumber and name brand paint, these buildings are designed and built to last for many years of dependable service. Most places require a zoning permit no matter the size of the structure, and a building permit if it is larger than a specific size. In almost every case a zoning permit is required, and depending on the size of the building a building permit may also be required. The building or shed will probably still have to have some cinder blocks to level the building as even the most level crushed gravel foundations tend not to maintain a perfectly level surface. They are said to have used multiple logs as rollers, moving over flat and inclined surfaces. For added strength and safety the use of straps and ratcheted pulley system is recommended.
Many people can't fit large pre build sheds on smaller lots, while others don't have a garage at all but still have lots of storage, this is why we offer a variety of shapes and sizes.
50 year "Smart siding" from Louisiana Pacific and 250 weight, 20 year roofing shingles are standard. There may be some exceptions, for example if you are a working farm and the building is going to be used for the farm operations.
There are two types of categories for dug footers, the first is flush footers, where the site is level and the footers come flush with the top of the ground, the other is pillars for the instance where the finished site is not going to be level so the footers have to extend above the ground in order to provide a level foundation for the shed or building.
One way to do it is to use a long bar, with a strong fine edge, is needed to create the gap between the base and the surface, like a Pinch bar with a heel. The best way is to contact a shed company that has then required equipment, permits and experience needed to move your shed or building. Join our many customers in discovering how buying direct from the manufacturer rewards you with better quality, more choices, and lower prices.
Durable metal side doors are another option, and different roof venting systems are also available. Each of our pre build sheds is built with different materials: The above structures are shown in wooden Duratemp siding. In addition, we also sell high quality, Amish-built gazebos, and we can match these with a custom built pergola or arbor to further compliment your backyard landscaping. Retractable, heavy-duty loading ramps are another option for storage sheds and barns - perfect for mowers and small lawn tractors. Our sheds range in size from a child's playhouse to a backyard studio, bungalow, or a sixteen by thirty foot barn. When ordering your building, ask about the different wall height options we offer, as well as overhead lofts, and durable shelving systems. Many of our customers need storage sheds and tool sheds, but one of our larger buildings can serve perfectly as a pool house, cabin, or art studio.
All of our buildings begin with heavy-weight flooring timbers made with pressure-treated wood, and our installation teams will always level the flooring skids to make sure your new building stands level and true. After deciding which of our pre built storage buildings is right for you and the desired building material, you can choose the color to make it your own personal style!

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