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These rolling workhorses with 10-inch blades have the power to rip plywood and the finesse to cut miters and dadoes.
Portable Table Saw with QuickSTAND is sleek, compact and easy to use yet powerful enough to cut through a range of tough materials. The stand secures right to the saw with a simple 4-knob turn and includes on-board storage space for all accessories to save room in your garage. Whether you are framing a door or building a deck, you can count on precise, accurate cuts. The SawStop, which gets its name from the blade brake that resides beneath the table, is engineered to prevent those kinds of serious injuries. If a finger (or some other conductive material) breaks the constant flow of current running through the blade, the brake thrusts itself into the blade and halts its spin in 3 to 5 milliseconds.

Cutting wet or pressure-treated wood will also trip the brake, so the saw has an override switch for those occasions. Putting all the pieces together was time-consuming, but once it's done, you've got a serious saw.

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portable table saw extension plans

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