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41 Awesome Potting Stations For Every Gardener - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Please note that prices include a coat of water based treatment, delivery and erection on a customer's own flat base. We live on Lake Norman in North Carolina, hence the name :) I’m honored and thrilled to join Kim and her readers at Savvy Southern Style to share my favorite room! This project was years in the making in the planning & procrastinating stage, but only took about a month, starting and stopping due to a delay in materials, and a project I was thrilled to have completed in 2012!
I splurged on a pair of leaded glass windows, one hung horizontally and one hung vertically in the front.
A pair of sash windows on the side were picked for $45, installed to let light in but not to function, over with built-in work areas. My husband came up with the idea of repurposing a pair of salvaged heat register covers to use as gable vents instead purchasing a new gable vent.

My grandmother's neglected and very pink chest of drawers got a new home and little facelift, courtesy of Annie Sloan Chalk paint, now just a hint of the pink showing through. I have a Potting Shed tab at the top of my home page, if you're interested in more information and to see how she's grown!
If you have missed previous favorite room guest posts be sure and check them out here. Drapery rods supplied by Mother Nature were tied together with twine and then secured with twine to shelf brackets.
Landscaping burlap has an open weave and is much lighter in weight than regular burlap~ so I didn’t have to worry about the weight on my branch drapery rods. Mary is a fabulous stylists and I can just get lost in her photos taking in all the details.
The exterior is 10 x 16~ the size dictated by the space we had under the trees and already seems too small!

I found a sheet metal shop that does HVAC duct work to cover my plywood counters with galvanized sheet metal and attach a back splash. We’ve gathered some beautiful examples of such stations that could be placed in a greenhouse, in a middle of a garden, on a deck, on a porch, in a garage and virtually anywhere you want. They have different size, different look and different amount of shelves and drawers but they all serve their function well.

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potting shed under deck

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