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BlueLine delivers quality, strength, and service at factory direct prices on all custom or prefab metal buildings and garage building kits.
This house is particularly well documented in Prefab by Allison Arieff and Bryan Burkhart, 2002, Gibbs Smith. F3 House is documented with floor plans, sections and photos in Koh Kitayama On The Situation 1993-2002 by Koh Kitayama, 2002, TOTO. This house is well documented in Modern Architect: Waro Kishi by Waro Kishi,2005, Archiworld. The great minimalist Shigeru Ban often names projects for their basic concept.  In the simplest of forms, Picture Window House manages to find a bridge-house icon, framed view, covered outdoor room, and serving of satori. A box that somehow breaks the box, full of flowing space and light, this modestly scaled house packs more than its share of sophistication and elegance. ARCATA CABIN A  This item linked to here is about a prefab cabin of sorts - something i would like to do myself but this is a difficult thing to do and that is set-up a cabin in the woods in a secret location.
A» While marking trees to be harvested for the first time in 30 years, a forest ranger stumbled across quite the odd sight. A» MEDCottage is a developer of upscale senior housing to help your retired loved ones maintain their freedom by the latest innovative technology.
A» Developed as an extension of cityLABa€™s Backyard Homes study, the Backyard BI(h)OME is an ultra-modern, lightweight accessory dwelling unit that has the potential to meet the current demand for 100,000 additional housing units in Los Angeles while also serving as a biome by providing habitats for diverse species. ARCHDAILY   This website linked to here offers many beautiful unique small building designs. They have all kinds of livable configurations from very small one room cabins up to larger 3 bedroom "Holiday Homes". SMALL HOUSE SWOON A  If you like to look at pictures of small or tiny houses without too much explanation then this is the site for you.

RUSSIAN RIVER STUDIO A  This is a listing featuring the famous little cabin designed by Cathy Schwabe Architecture which is one of her many creations. A» My practice is strongly influenced by the practice of Joe Esherick, with whom I worked for many years. WISHBONE TINY HOMES   Here is another one of those tiny home on wheels manufacturing businesses.
HEGE MODULAR HOUSING COMPANY   Every once in a while i get i guess what could be called "Spam" from manufactures in China. The world needs simplicity and beauty and anything that is executed to the highest standard.
DESIGNER CABINS   These here are small but well appointed cabins, suitable for use as an extra living quarters in the back yard or on a vacant lot. BUILD A 12X20 CABIN ON A BUDGET   Here is a very nice presentation of a simple cabin which a person could live in, built for a very low cost.
A private company located in eastern China has printed ten full-size houses using a huge 3D printer in the space of a day. THE TINY LIFE   This site linked to here is not about prefabricated Tiny Homes, but may have some information in previous posts.
If you're looking for a sleepout that will WOW any visitor to your home, PLUS add additional value to your home, we can make it happen for you! MICROHOUSE   These people specialize in small homes and have a very nice website to prove it. We believe that efficiently meeting our client needs results in the least expensive and most sustainable buildings.
AMERIBUILT STEEL STRUCTURES   Here is another good example of a metal building company venturing into the housing market with these outstanding home designs.

MORHAUS   Here's a really nice listing sent to me by the generosity of Mike Bynum of Sarasota County, FL.
TINY HOUSE SWOON   Linked here is the very well done, very beautiful website "Tiny House Swoon". 3 door car garage, View 3 car prefab garage, NZ Product Details from Shijiazhuang Ningzhi Color Steel Products Co., Ltd.
Triple garage 3 door car garage  Steel garages offer a number of advantages over other possible designs. Certainly Murcutt and Ando each offer deep and complex lists of successful house designs throughout their respective careers. It’s concept is simple to a fault and lacks any opportunity for the complexity and layering that actual habitation brings to a house.
They are inexpensive compared to brick and timber options, which can cost up to 400% more for a similar sized building. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. In a similar vein as Murcutt, may I suggest you look at the work of Brian Mackay-Lions whose purity of form and material takes direction from an east coast vernacular with genuine sincerity. The Collins and Turner piece, although equally if not more simple, is much better executed. Simple design mixed with detailed instructions and specifications also means that an experienced home handyman can assemble a steel garage in a weekend! Our Steel Garages generally start at a width of 4m and a length of 6m.

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prefab garage kits south dakota

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