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CTA Digital recognizes the inconvenience and security risks caused due to the unorganized muddle of console-specific discs and game devices. The Universal Game Locker presents a storage space of up to twenty games for PS3, Xbox and Wii game covers along with a sturdy metal casing that protects them with a combination padlock. Additionally, for all those Nintendo DS, DSi, and DSi XL owners, CTA digital offers a DS Game Locker that is particularly built for all Nintendo DS variants and is able to rack upto 10 original boxes of the games for any of these handhelds.
Both of these units are built with handles on the locker door for easy opening, as well as carry-handles on top of the cabinet for handy portability. Providing adequate storage space and security for dorms, game rooms or home, the DS Game Lockers are retailed at $19.99 (approx.
Sony is adding more storage to their PS3 console few days ago and they’ve decided to not increasing the price.
The 160GB model is currently available for purchase, while the PlayStation Move 320 GB Console Bundle is available for pre-order (shipping date: September 17, 2010). Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced the 160GB PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) which will launch in the PAL markets on 31st October for a RRP of ?339.99 (€449) in a bundle including additional PLAYSTATION®Network content. This vast increase in available storage space gives owners the capacity to store large amounts of digital content in the same place, making the 160GB PS3 perfect for people who love to download. As this was announced on the US blog yesterday, everyone there ended up under the assumption that this 160 will be based on the newest 80 GB model, which are in turn based on the 40 GB unit.
Although there was a walkthrough and its pretty much as easy as changing a light bulb people are and always will be reluctant to change the HDD them selves as they think it might break or something.
If I had a pound for every time someone complained about the HDD space I would be ?20 better off.
Personally I wouldn’t swap my full-spec launch model for the World - it’s ironic that people now pay more for a 2nd hand 60GB model than they cost new at launch despite these being the same people that complained so much about the launch price! At the end of the day refined models and better value bundles encourages new users, and the bigger the install base the better it is for all PS3 owners! I expect the 160GB model to sell like hot cakes - ?40 extra for ?55 worth of pre-installed games and double the HDD space is a steal!
This new bundle sort of out does the 360 Arcade and the 360 Elite at the same time, it’s a PS3 Elite Arcade! I wonder if the pre-installed games will all be small launch games like Super Stardust HD, Super Rub a Dub etc or if they will include one “big” game like Warhawk or Tekken? It’s not ideal, but if you really want IR control on your PS3 you could always buy a 3rd Party PS3 remote.
I just really wanted to agree with everyone else who upgraded the hard drive; got a 160gb drive for just under ?40 last week. All I’m saying is, Its Sony - They never stop improving their hardware - so no one should be surprised or upset by their upgrades. Also I bet that if you were to ask people if it is a wanted feature a high percentage say yes, but assuming it was a feature in a PS3 if they asked owners now a year on how many people actually used it regularly the percentage would be a lot lower.
I’ve had a PS3 from launch, and used BC for 3 games - FFXII, Tomb Raider Anniversary and God of War II, and that was only because I got a PS3 before I’d actually finished with my PS2 games!

The other problem Sony have is that the PS2 has almost been reborn as an next-gen Wii competitor in itself! I wouldn’t be surprised if when the PS2 finally dies and mainstream games are no longer released for it we get some kind of Emulation Disc or USB peripheral that allows PS2 playback on a PS3 - if only to help usher all the PS2 owners over to a PS3. That only leaves that Sony has removed the feature to manipulate the market (keep people buying PS2 systems or make them focus on buying PS3 games). Personally I prefer the EU bundle, there’s something accessible and appealing about a console that comes with preinstalled games, that you just plug in and turn on and you are presented with a list of games to click and play. By contrast, in the US they are paying the extra for the HDD and Unchartered, PAIN is just a promotion to convince users to sign up for a PSN account. In an article translated by google on heise online, David Reeves hinted that backwards compatibility will be on all PlayStation 3’s through future firmware updates.
If what Reeves says is true, than it would be nice for all users that don’t have backwards compatibility on their PS3s.
Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer there are no plans to release the new super-slim PS2 console in the UK. The new model is slightly smaller and thinner than the traditional slimline and doesn’t come with an AC adapter. Also I read somewhere that 65nm chips where being used so that the user user will get the same performance from the console but with out using up as much electricity as say the 60GB version. When I say same performance i mean the sme performance as a 60GB with out the console drinking so much electricity!
You may have to cut or remove the security tape that originally sealed the PS3 game case in order to remove the wrap.
Position the ANGLED BACK PANEL in a SLOT that corresponds with the total number of sleeves to be stored. For this purpose, the company has now come up with new locker-styled storage cases for Nintendo DS, DSi, DSi XL handhelds and titles along with a Universal Game Locker for PS3, Wii and Xbox game boxes.
While the security commodity enables a linear and organized way for storing games, it also safeguards players’ favorite titles in all possible vicinities. Apart from that, the locker can also store DSi XL, DSi or DS devices as well as their chargers in the space provided at the bottom of the cabinet.
Besides being best suited for sheltering gamers’ beloved collection of fun-play assortments in all sorts of environments, Universal Game Locker and DS Game Locker are equipped with ample room and shelves for plenty of interactive media products. This new model has more than twice the storage capacity of the current models and can store and deliver more entertainment than ever before – perfect for people with an insatiable thirst for downloading and storing content. It allows for increased video, music, and photo storage as well as room to download even more games, game extras, playable demos, and trailers from PLAYSTATION®Network – making PS3 an even more attractive buy for those looking for an all-in-one entertainment system.
PLAYSTATION®Store is the online destination for downloading games, extra content for games and more – all of which require hard drive space. I went home at lunch today especially as I always do on a thursday - imagine the bitter feeling I had when there was nothing new!
Some of these use a little IR sensor that plugs into your USB port to use with an IR remote.

Suprisingly easy to change- I would remind people not to use a magnetised screwdriver in case you wipe the old drive and a pair of pliers can come in handy to remove any screws that don’t want to come out of the tray.
I must say I was surprised myself that Three Speech seemed to take a day off yesterday (not a single post!) despite it being one of the biggest days of the year for PS3 related news and announcements! They listened to all the whinging and moaning about the price of the console so they took it out to save costs. In addition PS3 owners no longer have the temptation of buying the cheaper upscaled PS2 version of, for example, the latest EA Sports Sim instead of PS3 version as again Sony would lose profit and sales for PS3 software which is crucial to cover the losses on the hardware.
It may even come back in the PS3 Slim, but at this moment in time the PS3 and PS2 are almost competitors, only with this console war Sony win whichever one you choose!
You are referring to the completely different US limited edition 160GB model - this comes with Unchartered Drakes Fortune and a PAIN download voucher. Last time I checked PAIN didn’t cost ?55, so I very much doubt that’s all you will get!!!
I think over Christmas this will resonate with a lot of parents (again assuming they market it properly), because you can just plug it in on Christmas Day and start having fun, with no immediate need to fork out for a load of games to go with it, much in the same way parents bought a Wii on it’s own because it already had Wii Sports. The cool locker-style component design is also said to make the user experience all the more enjoyable.
It sports a key-operated padlock that completely minimizes the risk factor for all gamers concerned about losing or misplacing their much-loved titles. In addition, SingStar® allows owners to download track after track from SingStore™, while Buzz!™: Quiz TV is supported by downloadable quiz packs direct from the developers. I’ve seen 360 and PS3 boxes side by side in stores and the 360 boxes are much better at promoting themselves! You can then map this remote to your Universal Remote so can then control your PS3 with the same remote as everything else (I assume this is why you want IR). At the moment, i’m desperate to play some PS2 games but i’m unwilling to play them on a PS2!
When you look at the fact that 110M+ people have a PS2 in their home you can understand why it becomes almost a niche feature.
It’s an unusual turn of events to have two successful consoles out at the same time, and Sony probably had to make a difficult choice to break the bond and allow them to continue on their own path side-by-side. An example of this is with the compatibility to play SingStar PS2 songs straight on the PS3 version of Singstar. Moreover, the Game Locker also bundles with six styluses, four micro SD cards, four SD Cards and two Cartridge Solution Boxes allowing upto 28 game cartridges to be stored. Little Big Planet™ encourages players to download and share levels that other gamers have created. There’s an impressive amount of content available and multi-media fans require a storage solution for all their needs.

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