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I give this mower 2 stars because I have to replace the front wheels every season and I just have a small yard. When I first bought this lawnmower I was pretty excited because the price was relatively cheap, and the associate that helped out my wife and I gave us a pretty good deal on it. When our lawn mower recently broke after twelve years, my husband and I decided to go with another Craftsman lawn mower. I moved out an apartment and into house with a large yard and was looking for a decent mower. I purchased this model of Craftsman mower approximately one year ago, as a replacement for an older Craftsman that I bought when I purchased my first home. Once again, Sears comes through for us with great quality products! Ok I cut the lawn at my elderly mother's house and I don't know a thing about "Torque rating" but this is by far one of the easiest and most reliable lawn movers I've ever used. I've had the Craftsman 2 in 1 (Model #37174) for a little while now and it has been a pretty reliable mower. This is my first lawn mower and I've already learned that, as far as lawn mowers go, you get what you pay for. I used a manual mower for ten years before finally breaking down and purchasing a gas engine mower and have never looked back! The Craftsman Mower I ended up buying was near the bottom of the range in walk-behind mowers, but the self-propelled rear wheel drive system was the final selling point that got my wallet out. I bought this lawn mower several months ago, and at first I had my doubts, but after a little use, I will admit it is worth every penny.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The one and a half year old underpowered mower has always bogged down and quit in the grass(I already cut high), and needs to restart 3-4 times. I recently married and with that my one bedroom condo bachelor pad was no longer large enough. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. 2-n-1 Deck Rear Bag Push Lawn Mower This spring in bought a Craftsman 5.5 Torque Rating 21 in. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. The engine housing body cracked, the power cut off handle fell off and today the pulley spring broke! "Craft"sman my butt. I know that I should have upgraded by now , but the task of updating to a new mower is normally such an annoying task. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
When I purchased this mower, it came almost fully assembled (just needed to add the wheels and rear bag), and it was ready for action. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.
The grass in my yard can be really thick and with some of the previous lawnmowers I've had, I would have to go over the same spot in my yard a few times.

I especially enjoyed how light the mower is, but still can be durable and does not have to be handled with care, or fear of breaking it, the mower handles branches and the occasional wood chips just fine. It has an adjustable deck on it so we can cut our grass to the desired height, and it can mulch the grass clippings, as well as bag them. It is frustrating when you have to mow the lawn and your push lawn mower does not start.Lawn Mower Won’t Start? I've been reluctant to go through the process of finding a new mower that was both well priced and that felt comfortable. Some of the construction is a little cheap with some of the plastic, but as long as you don't use it for too many rough jobs it should be fine.When using this mower it is probably best to have a full gas tank when priming the mower. Also this mower is not a heavy which is a plus if you have steep areas on your lawn like I do. I only have to roll it over any spot in my front and back yard once and all the grass gets cut without the blade getting stuck at all. My old mower was a pain to empty, I would have bang the side many times to get the cutting out. Much like other push lawn mowers, the wheels are manually adjustable for the length requirements of grass, and a collection bag located in the rear, for retrieving the clippings.
There is a lot of time spent re-starting this machine in order to complete the grass mowing. Most salesmen just want you to buy the most expensive mower that they can push you into just to get them their commission.
I though I would regret not having a self propelled mower, but with this kind of power and mobility you just don't miss it.
The cord is pretty easy to pull for start as long as you have it primed properly.You might have a little trouble with the height settings staying in place for the wheels as the mower is not greatly constructed, but this mower is a cheap mower that has a good value for the price. To do that, you should unscrew the fuel cap and look if you have enough fuel in the tank.Second, make sure you do not have water in fuel.
Even though this mower is not meant for huge mowing jobs it usually can take on most projects.In the case of any push mower it helps to have a little bit of strength when pushing, but most people should be fine as the mower rolls pretty nicely.
To remove the water from fuel it is a good idea to pull on several times, the power cord.Third, if your push lawn mower has not been used for a long time, and the fuel is old then you should replace the old gas with a new one. The blade may need sharpening after a while of use but that is to be expected of a lot of mowers.This mower stays true to the saying you get what you pay for, but in this case you actually get a pretty good value for what you pay for and maybe even could say you get a little more than what you pay for. The bolts that secure the steel tubing to the sheet metal frame were not given nylon locking nuts and one of the nuts fell off while I was using the mower. If anyone is like me, and thought that hundreds of dollars had to be spent on a mower to provide a quality look on a cut yard, I would suggest trying this model first.
I knew that the true test wouldna€™t be complete until I got it home and was able to use it for a few weeks. At first I was a little worried because of the displacement of the engine, but from what I understand the RPMs of the engine are lower than a usual mower. If I could change one thing about this otherwise wonderful mower, it would be the size of the bag.

While this mower is not meant for huge jobs (like most push mowers) it still will be able to accomplish most things you throw at it. This situation was not terribly dangerous, as the mower doesn't move very fast anyhow, but was still worth a few choice words from the operator (me) when the handle came loose. As you mow you are holding it down and as soon as you release or let go the engine will shut off. I would recommend this lawn mower to anyone who is looking to get a normal mowing job done and looking for a little big of bang for their buck to go with it.
I have since replaced both bolts and nuts with locking nuts and thread locking compound just to be on the safe side. Overall, I would recommend Craftsman lawnmowers to anyone seeking an affordable, reliable, easy to use mower.
Next time we may fork over a few extra dollars to buy a mower with a bit more torque and a self-propelled engine in order to make mowing the lawn a bit easier.
Normally it takes me up to 2 hours to mow my lawn, but for some reason I mow faster and easier now. I put some oil in and once again it roared to life on the first pull and has not had so much of a sputter since. I have a lawn which is not level and the 5 quick position height adjusters allows me to adjust for the different cutting levels fast. Since our lawn is relatively small, it will certainly cut the mustard for us for now. I wouldn't recommend this mower to anybody who has larger jobs to do, or who is easily frustrated! Meanwhile, you should check if the spark plug is not too close to the gasoline tank.Start the push lawn mower and see if your spark plug makes a blue spark. My lawn is large and challenging and the mower just rolls along, cutting evenly and never stalling, no matter how low I put the blade. For about the first month that I had it, my hands would have blisters on them after cutting both my front and back yard. Finally, it is necessary to check if your plug is soot dirty or oil clogged.In this case, you should replace it with a new one. If there was anything that was a little "difficult" to do it is adjusting the height of the mower. It has plenty of accessories and the mulching feature helps keep my lawn green and healthy. And when you calculate the annual cost for lawn service, it turns out to be an excellent value! While this may not seem like a big problem, smelling combusted gas for a whole hour and a half walking around in the sun can get pretty annoying. The best part is the price, at under $200 is one of the most affordable mowers on the market.

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