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Treated Pine cladding is budget shed cladding will maintain good looks and serviceability as long as the cladding is kept stained or painted as required. Western Red Cedar Cladding is recognised as a quality cladding and will maintain good looks and serviceability as long as the cladding is kept stained or painted as required. PVC Vinyl Cladding is a premium produce, splinter free and available in 8 attractive colours. The PVC Vinyl Clad sheds are lined between the framing and the cladding with high gloss white plywood lining board for a beautiful finish. Treated Pine and western Red Cedar Sheds should be stained or painted before installation to maintain good appearance and reduce splitting cracking and weathering of the cladding boards. The colour samples shown on the net at this page is a photograph, You must choose colours at our office to be sure of the colour range if colour is a major issue in the purchase. The only painting required is the barge boards and the doors and this should be done before the installation process by the purchaser.
Improve your home with a range of innovative lifestyle products, designed and manufactured by Stratco. Stratco stock a huge range of hardware, barbecues, building supplies, electrical, garden, hand tools, homewares, kitchens, outdoor settings, paint, plumbing, power tools and timber. Stratco is one of the largest producers and marketers of quality building and home improvement products in Australia with a network of stores throughout the country. Quality Cubby Houses is a leading manufacturer of cubbies as well as swings, slides, garden sheds and pet products such as dog kennels, aviaries and bird feeders. This page describes the method of construction for pergolas and shade houses built with round logs.
DRILLlNG AND FIXING THE CROSS BEARERSPlace the bearer on the ground and hold against the base of the two uprights to which it is to be attached.
When you have planned your pergola it is advisable to consult your supplier to make sure the structure conforms to local government regulations. When lightweight roofing materials are used, check manufacturer recommendations as the addition of roofing material may alter spans and sizes quoted above. This page describes the basic steps involved in the construction of Federation style fences which combines palings, lattice panels.

Before starting to build your fence be sure you are informed about the safe use of treated timber and the correct construction methods. A wide range of fence design books is available from the Sydney Building Information Centre at 525, Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills and TABMA Leaflet No. Make sure you have council approval for your project and that post holes are clear of power, gas, or telephone services. Step 4 - Fit the PalingsPlain palings are set side by side with tops in line with the upper surface of the top rail. The dimensions shown in the Sketch below are the correct sizes when posts are set at exact 2400 mm centres and vertical. With the lattice panel set in the frame rebate, double nail at every corner with 65mm screws Pre-drill with a 6mm drill bit. Attractive, high quality products including patios, fencing, sheds and garages, designed to add entertainment, privacy, storage and value to your home.
Stratco produce products for domestic roofing and walling projects, right up to large-scale steel framing and construction components for industrial applications.
By following a straightforward programme you can build an attractive and long lasting pergola with the minimum of effort and using only a few basic woodworking tools. Use lattice for climbing plants, shade, brush materials for privacy and ferns or shade cloth for plant protection. Note that the basic modules can be linked by intermediate rafters (dotted lines) to give big, area coverage at low cost. It is also important to make sure that the pergola does not interfere with existing drainage, plumbing or electricity services. Strong yet light and easy to handle it is pressure treated with CCA wood preservative to give it life time durability. If the fence length is not exactly divisible by the selected spacing, make the final panel shorter. Check the exact width between the inside faces of the posts before cutting and make any necessary adjustments to the dimensions to allow for variations. Fix the assembled panel in place by screwing into place at the points shown as “x” in the sketch below.

Where anchor bases are used, rather than embedment in concrete, it is necessary to brace the structure with angle braces on the corners. As An aid to correct location of rails use a block , cut from off-cuts, temporarily nailed to the inside of the post at a point which will support the bottom of the rail in the correct position.
Then cover the gaps by nailing the 100x15mm palings over the gaps with equal overlap on each side. The lattice panel will be cut 50 mm shorter in width than the distance between the two faces.and the lattice surround or frame exactly the same measurement as the gap when measured from point to point. Halford supply all the necessary timber components which are dried after treatment for maximum stability. Mark out the line of the fence by driving pegs at the positions for corner posts and finishing posts.
With the posts braced in position adjust until vertical in both planes by checking with a builders level on two sides. Place the bearer in position with two 12mm galvanised coach bolts or deck spikes entered in the holes.
All timber is CCA treated for protection against termites and decay and and Halfords supply nails, bolts and fittings. Angle cut the rails and butt up close in the mortise before nailing as shown in the Rail Positions sketch above and at right. These step by step assembly instructions allow anyone with basic carpentry skills to build a good looking and properly constructed fence. It is important at this point to check that the fence will stand completely within the surveyed boundary of the property.
Where closed roof structures are likely to be exposed to high wind loadings it is recommended that bearers be fixed to the side of the upright with a through bolt.

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quality garden sheds st marys nsw 2760

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