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Wood is the most common medium or substrate used in the manufacturing of sandblasted signs with the Western Red Cedar and California Redwood varieties being the most common. Cedar is closely related to firs and typically grows 100 feet tall in seasonal mountainous climates. The Giant Sequoia and California Coast Redwood trees are the largest trees in the world and some live more than 3000 years. Oak wood has an attractive grain pattern, is dense, has great strength and hardness and is durable due to its high tannin content (resistant to insects and fungus). The Eastern White Pine is native to northeastern United States and southeastern Canada and is the tallest tree in this region growing over 200 feet high. Maple is common throughout the northern hemisphere and has many uses, including: ornamental horticulture, syrup and lumber.
Birch trees are closely related to beech and oak trees and live in northern temperate climates. Alder trees are closely related to birch and also live in northern temperate climates in Europe and North America. The American Black Walnut tree is native to eastern North America and typically grows 100 feet and has a grey-black & deeply furrowed bark. Purpleheart is also native to tropical climates in and around Central America, just like mahogany. African Padauk grows to about 100 feet tall and is native to tropical climates of western and central Africa. Zebrawood is native to western Africa (Gabon, Cameroon and Congo) and is closely related to acacia and kudzu.
Wooden signage can provide an authentic rustic look and can easily be carved into unique styles. They are native to California and Oregon, and the wood is valued for its light weight, resistance to decay, fire retardance and natural beauty with its rich red color.Insignia is a leader in sandblasted wood signs and prefers the tight soft grain high in tanic acid that is virtually knot free.
For many years redwood was considered to be the best substrate available for sandblasted signs.

Black cherry trees have dark easily peeled bark with irregular scales and a light to dark reddish brown heartwood.
Various species of oak trees are cultivated throughout the world and the wood is used for furniture, alcohol fermentation, construction and much more. Alders benefit other plants growing near them by increasing the amount of usable nitrogen in the soil and provide a rich compost with their fallen leaves. In our pursuit to provide you with the best options for your project, Insignia offers a variety of woods that are high quality, durable and affordable to ensure that your signs are exactly how you envision them. In the 80's, it was readily available and common to find trees near 1000 years old with very tight soft grain that blasted beautifully.
It is a relatively soft textured, closed pored, light beige wood with darker colored bands. The bark of is marked with long horizontal lenticels and often separates into thin papery plates.
It has a reddish-brown color that darkens over time and displays a beautiful reddish sheen when polished.
It is a medium density, closed pored, tight grained and strong wood with a purple overtone.
Because of its hardness and density, oak is more difficult to work with than other sources of wood. Birch wood is of medium density with fine grains, has a creamy whitish yellow sapwood to red brown heartwood with a stain-like sheen. Alder wood is a fast growing renewable resource used in a wide range of applications including furniture, cabinets, panel systems and special products. As this high quality Redwood has become harder to find and cost prohibitive to use, Western Red Cedar has become an excellent alternative due to its availability while still providing the characteristics of old growth Redwood. Maple varies in hardness, is difficult to work with, has limited resistance to insects and has a high resistance to abrasion. Birch wood is suitable for veneer, and birch plywood is among the strongest and most dimensionally-stable plywoods.

Alder lumber has a wide range of grades that are optimized for specific functions or products. Santos Mahogany is a popular Brazilian species with a rich reddish brown color and a very beautiful tight grain.
However, once cherry has been dried properly, it is a fairly durable and relatively stable wood.
This new breed of Redwood provides a nice looking grain pattern, but is prone to crack, split, warp and is not as accepted as Cedar.
Our Cedar possesses tight growth rings, and the softness of the wood allows for deep sandblasting. It is a relatively weak wood, but is extremely common and easy to work with making white pine wood a popular and affordable choice. Cherry wood is rated as one of the favorites because of its beauty, versatility, warmth, personality and charm. When you want an authentic rustic look for your sandblasted sign, there is no substitute for the natural characteristics of Redwood and Cedar. Although these woods crack, split, warp, and weather these things are part of the charm of real wood. We buy only the highest quality cedar by the trailer load to ensure consistency in quality.
We do not purchase sapwood, therefore the wood we use is all heart just like our company.We are still one of the very few companies that can still offer that old growth, solid thickness, high quality Redwood, but it is very expensive and rarely requested.

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