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Liberty Storage Solutions, outdoor storage shed manufacturer of North Carolina starts up two new lines of prefab utility buildings.
Liberty Storage Solutions is a company who prides itself in being conscientious in all areas of the business of producing, selling and delivering quality vinyl lawn and garden sheds. This Spring Liberty Storage Solutions is introducing two new vinyl storage shed lines, the Clubhouse and The Villa. In the season of economic challenges we are in, Liberty Storage Solutions is able to accommodate a greater number of clients through the avenue of their rent-to-own storage barns. Liberty Storage Solution is continuing the tradition of a company built on quality products and superior customer experience.
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With our unique program, you can have a brand new storage unit delivered right to your house for as little as two payments down, with payments comparable to what you’d pay for a mini storage service. This entry was posted in Garages, She - Sheds, storage, Storage Sheds and tagged Carolina Storage Solutions, rent to own, rental storage, rental unit, shed, storage building, storage shed.
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A family owned and operated business based on hard work and moral ethics, they are dedicated to building a reputation they believe will keep people coming back for more throughout the years. While many people may not have the resources to buy a quality backyard storage unit outright, this rent-to-own option gives almost anyone the ability to acquire one with the equivalent of two months rent. The new buildings are just an extension of their years of outdoor storage building experience.
With Graceland rent to own sheds, you can have your own mini or self storage unit — right in your back yard. We have both 36 and 60 month options, depending on your building, and you can pay it off early at any time and never have to pay rent again. If you are among this majority, there’s a good chance you may need a bit of additional storage room. Talk about fast and convenient!  With same-day approval, buying your own shed is easy, even with imperfect credit.
The program is a true rent-to-own policy, doesn’t require a credit check and may be terminated at any time. Even if you don’t already have mini storage, our rent-to-own sheds program makes buildings affordable, with easy monthly payments for everyone.

Your new storage building will be conveniently placed where you want it, just a few steps outside your door. When you close that account and remove your possessions, you have nothing to show for it.  You’ve thrown money to the wind. They are the number one go-to provider in the Southeast, offering competitive pricing and professional delivery and set-up. The length of this policy is 36 months at the end of which the renter becomes owner of the building. From security-patrolled, air conditioned units to the questionable safety of units without so much as a chain link fence, chances are you or someone you know have used rented a storage unit. Their courteous, experienced staff will work with you on every aspect of purchasing and installing your new storage building, no matter how large or small the project. The Villa is an outdoor storage building with an wide array of uses, from straightforward storage, to usage as a playhouse, or as a study or conference room.

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rent to own storage shed texas

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