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If you are worried about keeping your shoes safely, do you know about underbed shoe storage? Vinyl, hard plastic, canvas — there are so many different makes and models of shoe organizers. With all of that in mind, we recommend the Cedar Underbed Shoe Storage Organizer from Organize-It.
Those that wear a lot of high heels will know that they are not very easy to put into storage.
What I have found makes a really great high heel storage option is the Under Bed Shoe Organizer. While most people can get away with using standard shoe racks to store their high heels, I think it is important to use storage that is more specified for heels.
Stashing some loose shoes under the bed might free up some closet storage space, but by using the right under bed shoe storage you can have the same easy to access storage you have with your closet shoe rack, but under your bed. Under the bed storage is so important for homes with limited closet space, and it can be used for almost anything!  Find boxes and bags of all types that simply slip under the bed for storage of clothes, decorations, linens, shoes and much more!  If your bed lies flat against the floor, or you simply don’t think you have the clearance for an underbed storage box, a great option for you are bed risers. Do you feel like you’ve already filled every single inch of every shoe rack in your home?  I do!  If you’re not ready to part with your important footwear, but you are fed up trying to find places to put it, have you looked under your bed lately?  The under side of a bed is a great storage place, but is often overlooked in homes.  You can put virtually anything under the bed for storage, and specially designed underbed boxes make this a cinch! Here are tips for different types of under bed storage for shoes, how to choose them and how to use them!
Many shoe storage boxes are available to fit under the bed in both rigid and soft sided styles.
Instead of trying to fit closet shoe organizers in a closet that is already too small, try these home storage ideas that put the unused space under your bed to work. Soft plastic storage containers or rolling rigid plastic boxes may be the shoe storage solution you are looking for. Don't forget that the wheels may add extra height to the box so consider this when choosing your shoe storage solutions for under your bed.
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you need to get organized and use that wasted space under the bed for shoe storage.

Under the bed is the perfect storage spot for footwear items that are out of season like winter boots or try this space for storing shoes that are not worn often like hot pink, diamond studded stilettos with platform soles! There are a lot of pairs of shoes in every family and not every house has enough space for big shoe storage. No worries, there are many tips and tricks we keep tucked under our sleeve here at Shoe Racks Blog that we’re just dying to share with you. Under the bed shoe organizers that have side handles make it easy to regularly access the pairs you tuck away.
Lids and zippered covers alike both keep your shoes nice and clean, safe from dust, bugs and pets who like to chew. There’s just something satisfying about being able to find that perfect pair of pumps without even opening the lid on your organizer.
Some find them to be anti-feminist, as if women need to improve their stature and appearance to be respected. Due to the strange shape of heels, they end up being very inefficient when used with most shoe racks. This shoe box fits right under your bed, providing space-efficient storage for your heels and other shoes. Most of the time, high heels are worn for formal occasional or business occasions, and it is important to be sure the heels stay in good shape.
When you’re working with limited closet space that can be easy to do, I don’t know how many times I’ve found myself with shoe racks overflowing and a closet floor full of shoes. The Underbed Shoe Chest – 16 Pair has a clear design and built in handles that make it easy to take this bin out and allows you to see all your shoes at once. Since this storage bin has solid sides and individual compartments, shoes are protected from one another so they won’t get crushed. In no time you’ll have plenty of storage for your shoe collection and a closet that is organized and under control! Some of the rigid plastic storage containers have wheels and others slide well on the carpet in your bedroom without wheels.

So if you haven’t much space for your shoes, think about unusual free places for keeping the footwear. It stores more shoes than an underbed shoe organizer and it also doesn’t occupy much space.
We found that organizers with zipper closures rather than lids we’re easier to get into. Anything that can be thrown in the washing machine for a quick clean is a winner in our book.
Others find that they are just too tall to wear heels, and that the extra boost puts them a bit over the top. If they are too tall, they do not fit into a cubby shoe rack, making that type of furniture pretty much useless.
A pair of scuffed high heels reflects very poorly on the owner, so be sure to use the proper high heel storage!
When it’s time to get creative my favorite hidden storage solution has to be under the bed. This bin actually provides an even better view of your shoes than a shoe rack, since it allows you to see the entire shoe all at once, so you can quickly find the right style or heel height. It is very comfortable to use a sliding underbed shoe rack; you can easily move out the storage and choose the necessary pair of shoes.
And of course, there are those women that hate to wear high heels because they are uncomfortable. There never seems to be enough storage space in my closet and with an entire under bed area to utilize I can store everything from winter coats to shoes with the right storage bins.
This little detail really added to convenience and cutting down time on your morning routine.

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