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Being originally from Finland, it doesn’t often happen that we have all our families and closest friends together in one place. Siina: Glenn has the warmest and kindest nature, and you only have to look him in the eyes to see that.
Mix & matched plates and wine glasses were collected from around the town from variety of second hand stores. This work by Gordon Smith is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Australia.
To add a little southwestern flair to your home without the bold colors, find rustic iron lighting and metal work. Hall Class 4-6-0 5931 'Hatherley Hall' stands alongside Castle Calass 4091 'Dudley Castle' inside Old Oak Common shed. A school party visit to Basingstoke depot on Friday 2 June 1967 during the last week of steam on the Southern Region. For a short period, locomotives reserved for the National Collection were securely housed in the former Hellifield motive power depot. Two work-stained Stanier 'Black 5s' 4-6-0s, including 45202, simmer inside Newton Heath motive power depot (9D) in 1967. A damp and dismal Crewe North, but full of atmosphere, Jubilee 45552 'Silver Jubilee' is flanked by a Stanier Pacific and a 2-6-4T, 1960.
Coronation Pacific 46229 'Duchess of Hamilton' and Britannia 70032 'Tennyson' stand over the ashpits at Camden, 1959. A line up around one of the turntables at York shed in 1966 with B1 4-6-0 61337, K1 2-6-0 62001, 'Jubilee' 4-6-2 45675 'Hardy' and 'B1' 4-6-0 61021 'Reitbok'. Clas 'J27' 0-6-0 65894 simmers inside 52G Sunderland shed alongside classmate 65885 on 24 May 1967. Class 'Q6' 0-80 63375 stands on the shed turntable at Middlesbrough on 8 July 1956, with class 'A8' 4-6-2 tank 69892 and class 'J25' 0-6-0 65720 on two of the radiating roads. Britannia Pacific 70004 'William Shakespeare' stands in one of the York roundhouses on 30 November 1967.
Chippenham shed viewed from a passing train, Swindon built 204HP shunter D2187 languishes on a stub track while one of the sheds allocation of Pannier Tanks is just visible in the back of the shed.
Standing round the turntable at Derby (17A) Standard 5 73031, Patriot 45509 'The Derbyshire Yeomanry' and Stanier Black 5 44815, 1956.

We became friends, but saw each other only for a few week before Glenn left overseas himself, to travel the world and ended up living and working in London. We went kayaking and found a private rocky beach where we sunbathed and swam, just us two, no other soul in sight.
So having that for this one day was one of the most important and amazing things about this wedding for us.
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I used to visit Tenterfield while was at uni and always loved the drive up to there for scenes like this. A place where I post photographs recording life and happenings in rural New South Wales, Australia. The project includes resort-style amenities, such as a pool with cabanas and hammocks, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and a rooftop deck with downtown views. Designed by Gritton & Associates Architects, it celebrates the traditional southwestern and adobe style with the never ending color. When selecting vibrant colors, stick with southwestern shades like salmon, terra-cotta, brick red, turquoise, and squash gold. General views of groups of locos or of the buildings at servicing facilities where the locos are not the most prominent part of the scene.
Rebuilt West Country 'Pacific' 34004 'Yeovil is lined up alongside future traction, a electro-diesel (later class 73), and Brush Type 4 (later class 47) D1848. A sad line of withdrawn Stanier locomotives, with 'Black 5' 4-6-0 45346 at the head, await their final journey to the breaker's yard as an active '8F' 2-8-0 clanks by in charge of a block cement train on 28 October 1967. It was to remain in use on Liverpool Street station pilot duties until final withdrawal from Stratford in December 1960.
The shed which had 3 turntables was coded 51D in the Darlington District and had an allocation of 64 locomotives in 1954, it served the large freight yards and transport requirements of local industry on Teeside and was closed on 31st May 1958. I love the agricultural style venue, brimming with mix and match furniture, trestle tables and foliage. Our paths crossed a few times over the next few years, but never in a million years did we think we would end up getting married. Then Glenn pulled out a ring from his surf shorts pocket and asked me if I would marry him.

Also, on a different note, one of the loveliest moments was at midnight after we took the bus back to town with all the guests, we had to walk through the empty town to get to our accommodation.
For wedding favours Siina’s parents brought Finnish sweets over which we wrapped in baking paper and secured with natural string. To keep the room sophisticated, choose two or three dominant colors like the dusty red, turquoise, and mellow yellow ochre in our inspiration kitchen.
Located east of Middlesbrough station, the site now lies beneath the dual carriageway A66 through trunk road. Search out southwestern pottery and artwork in western stores, flea markets or yard sales, or online. And the photography from Damien Milan is just perfect, a totally natural capture of the day as it unfolded.
Around the same time Glenn decided it was time for him to return to Australia, as one of his closest friends was getting married. Glenn told me later he had a moment of horror when he thought he had lost the ring in the ocean, as he pulled out the little string he had attached it to and the ring wasn’t there, but luckily found it on the bottom of the pocket.
I took my heels off and felt the cool asphalt under my feet, it was nice peaceful moment after such a emotion filled, amazing but hectic day. So it happened we found ourselves living in the same city (at least for the next 7 months). Lucky, since we had been swimming and diving while the ring had been loose in his surf shorts pocket! Time stopped for a moment and we just enjoyed our time as newly weds, still in our wedding gear and love in our hearts. We couldn’t help it but started spending a lot of time together, finally facing the fact that we were in love.

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