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Everywhere we looked, there was something in the kitchen that one or both of us wanted to change. I could blab for quite a while on our 60+ day journey, but I know y'all really just wanna see pictures.
If you have a competent contractor, you need to be patient; especially when it comes to finish work. These guys are so good and so busy, that they don't have to mess with silly things like web sites. The picture my significant other would not have you see - Next time, on "Hoarders: HaysUSA".
The counter-top space is now useful and not squandered with all that not-so-oft-used stuff. For four decades, Mirolin has grown and evolved into the Canadian bath industry leader, manufacturing innovative and trend setting acrylic tub and shower products. The uniform sizes and boxy dimensions of shipping containers make them idea for use in designing innovative, low cost buildings for just about any use. Now Servicing the entire east coast from New York and Pennsylvania to Georgia and Florida and everywhere in between.

Shawn { just my two cents, never owned a B&S but I do own a Craftsman mower with a Honda engine.
Then my wife got fed up with the partition in the middle of the cabinet chipping large plates as she maneuvered them into their assigned space. The kitchen can easily be the most expensive room in a house to re-do, so this was a carefully-measured decision. We ultimately went with a competitive price, provided by a contractor that wasn't afraid to tell us what we needed, as well as taking the time to listen to what we wanted. So, if you want more than a Google listing, I'll be happy to put you in touch with them. And of course we continue to expand our operations in the Southeastern United States including Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. Oh, then there was the stained and scratched Formica counter-tops that were easily as old as the house. And the bonuses keep coming: by going with custom cabinetry, we were able to support local business and we got the best fit for our kitchen with minimal compromise. Our contractor's suggestions ultimately saved us enough money to justify the cost of a new oven.

Although it seems to fly in the face of logic that we should want to remodel our kitchen three years later, we ended up doing it anyway. With interest rates in the toilet, it seemed like a smart time to make the investment in a house our kids will most likely grow up in. Although it's a pain, those two or three weeks without a place to cook will be a forgotten memory in a few years. For us, I could handle some basic electrics, as well as some drywall work, which saved us both time and money. We planned some of the big pauses in our remodel around times where I had work to do out-of-town, so my Mrs.
The Stacked Flute and Bead bits (lower chart) make both profiles by simply moving the bt up or down. Or that the wife and I were both sick and tired of seeing each other's respective crap splayed out across squandered workspace?

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roll top door for shed

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