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All around the world, at any given moment, you can guarantee their will always be a group of like minded friends riding, chatting, scheming, laughing and having themselves a damn good time on their motorcycles. Wider Bars were fitted and stripped of any unnecessary electrics which were relocated to a custom box, the original 350 wheels were deemed too small and replaced with chunkier units. The brown leather custom seat with matching roll is most certainly fit for a kings backside. It was on one such Gedi that Pritpal and his three companions, whilst chewing over the custom motorcycle scene in India, reached the conclusion that they should band together and start creating their own custom machines.

The bike has been showcased at many places and everywhere it has been getting a great response.
Many such pipe dreams that spawn over leisurely rides filled with coffees and brews remain purely as figments of imagination but in this case, the boys had the wherewithal and commitment to see it through.
Many different names popped up, but one stood out; BAMBUKAAT, an unofficial name from the old days in Punjab that was given to motorcycles because of the simplicity of the machine itself.
The tank was replaced with a specially fabricated 22 litre receptacle that illustrates Pritpal and his associates’ skill and ambition.

To achieve the desired stretched out stance for the bike the swingarm was lengthened, reclining the rear shocks by a few degrees.

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royal shed floor kit

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