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Could anyone tell me if it is possible to transport an assembled (empty) Big Max Rubbermaid 7x7 shed from one property to another without taking it apart? On top of all of Johns comments I would add that having the foundations set ready to receive the shed is a must - also plan what you will need to lift the shed - having to stop halfway through to get some more rope etc. Rubbermaid big max storage shed 7x7 - Find great deals on ebay for rubbermaid shed parts rubbermaid parts.
Purchased a 7x7 Rubbermaid Shed with flooring included but directions(and this forum) bring to my attention the need for a stable floor in addition to that included flooring. It was all great advise and I would have loved to be able to follow it but things were getting out of hand..

Usually, a concrete pad is used and it is more durable, especially with heavy, dirty garden tools.
Lowes rubbermaid shed 7x7 video - Lifetime vs suncast vs rubbermaid - in terms of durability.
The new foundation is ready,(patio slabs). My problem is I don't have the man power available where I am. I guess that you are unwilling to disassemble the shed as you may crack some of the panels or the fixings. Or perhaps some caulk was used on the panel joints during construction to ensure weather-tightness in service.

The insurance is a necessity and tough to sort out and can take a long time to get settled. I did add a few extra stainless steel bolts and anchored the whole shed with over-the-top cables because we live in hurricane country. I know it won't withstand "the big one", but it will do fine in a high wind. Don't worry if it does fall apart.

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rubbermaid 7x7 storage shed

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