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All DuraMax Accessories Ship FREE when ordered with shed - tick boxes on left to add to order - . DuraMax Storage Track System - Maximise your space by Vertically Storing Bikes or Long Handle Tools.
The duramate 8x8 classic shed design offers substantial space for its size and on the same token it is not overly intrusive in any back yard or garden.
A unique feature of this shed is that it comes with double doors offering good access for larger items such as bicycles, lawn mower etc.

With almost 60sq feet of internal floor space the Suncast 8x8 Storage Shed will make a substantial addition to your back yard.
Access is maximized by two strong pull out double doors, with upper and lower latches that can be locked with a standard padlock keeping your items safe and secure. The Suncast 8x8 shed is constructed with a heavy duty resin material, that will not crack or splinter. The Suncast 8x8 shed is tastefully designed and will look good in any yard setting from traditional to modern.
Like all Duramax vinyl sheds the walls are reinforced with metal uprights which provide strong and secure fixing points for shelving.

Included with the 8x8 shed is a tough resin floor and a ridge style skylight that will provide interior light.

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rubbermaid 8x8 shed directions google

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