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This step by step tutorial of how to create Rubbermaid growing containers for small garden spaces.
Don’t let your limited outdoor space stop you from growing fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers. To explore all of our articles and upcoming projects be sure to follow us on Facebook and Google Plus. With a few small steps you can create a deep gardening container that has spectacular drainage, great soil depth and good surface area. Having a small yard or outdoor living space does not mean that you can’t have a great garden.

Also, follow us on Pinterest to get tons of homesteading ideas and plans from all around the web! There are many scenarios where garden space is minimal including rental properties,  apartments and units with balconies,  villas and townhouses with small courtyards,  retirement homes,  mobile home parks,  community garden allotments and many suburban blocks. If any more stuff clutters the back yard you won’t be able to see any of that expensive lawn you put in two years ago. The car barely fits into the garage for all the kids’ sports stuff and the other paraphernalia that has no where else to go.
Your twelve year old is just getting over stepping on the garden rake and leaving a four inch welt in the middle of his forehead.

The lawn mower got left out in the rain for the umpteenth time because you forgot to put it under the back porch during the last rain storm. Very adaptable in that you can add windows and shelving and put up wall hanging if you wish; 4.
A certain amount of maintenance must be done such as treating the wood on a yearly basis; 2.

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rubbermaid garden shed 2014

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