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I've had this shed for several years now and the one I have has a shelf-like bracket that allows you to install your own plywood loft inside. I told my husband I wanted a three car garage but we ended up with two with no storage capability. I too, have had long-time satisfaction with our Thinking Outside Smartshed we bought at Sam's about 8 years ago. It cost $439, which is a great value compared to other storage buildings and sheds of comparable size. However, the shed you reference in your post and the image include is not a Lifetime shed it's actually a Thinking Outside shed.
Some people prefer to hire professionals to maintain their properties, while others prefer to do some or all of it themselves.
We simply wanted it to last a long time and be somewhat attractive.The purpose of the shed is to hold our winter items during the summer and summer items during the winter here in the Midwest. These two companies are separate and I believe Thinking Outside has left the shed business. This is a great size to store most of our gardening equipment and seasonal items without taking up too much room on the patio. Items would include our large patio furniture set, snow blower, lawnmowers, fire pit, gardening supplies, and kids outdoor toys.We went to a Sama€™s Club 6 years ago and purchased a Lifetime storage shed with an extender unit for approximately $700.

However, premade sheds can cost a pretty penny, especially those that come equipped with custom features. If you take your time it goes together nicely, don't rush it or the construction will be sloppy. In essence the shed is made of walls of doors so we could personalize the shed based on our layout and needs.The shed was extremely easy to put together with no little parts that would get lost easily. Besides helping you tidy up, they let you make the most of outdoor space and make it possible to find items faster when you need them, rather than wasting time trying to remember where they are. Many of these have a double-walled construction to stand up well against outdoor conditions, and some even have steel-reinforced doors and high-impact flooring for better durability. Everything is held together with large heavy duty plastic screws and after 7 years they are still strong and holding. I was able to put most of it together myself and only required help with the ceiling of the shed due to my height. Consisting of material that does not dent, rust, or rot, and able to hold things that are taller than they are wide, these sheds are simple to maintain, and they are smart alternatives to other storage options. We did not encounter any major problems building the shed, except some pieces were hard to fit together without any gaps.
Also of interest, there were no special tools needed!This unit came with 3 clear plastic skylights and one clear plastic window.

You can assemble a Rubbermaid shed in minutes and add things such as peg boards to the walls for more organizational choices.
We use this shed to store various garden implements like the weed eater, leaf blower, rakes, shovels, bags of soil and fertilizer, etc.
However he colour of the shed walls have changed slightly since they were installed.I honestly do not have one complaint about this shed.
If I had one complaint, it is that I wish there was a shelf or loft along the top of the storage shed to allow for storage off the ground. There have been no settling issues or leaks, all plastic parts still work, and no warping or cracking. I would recommend this storage shed to anyone who is looking for a lightweight, durable, and affordable shed.

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rubbermaid shed building instructions youtube

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