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A typical design element for a rustic log home is an outdoor living area: this includes decks, porches, patios, outdoor kitchens, and gazebos. One of the first things to contemplate is what activities you want to take place in this space. Another question these first ones raise is in what area of the country is your rustic log home located?
Speaking of time and money, these are two more important factors in beginning the project of designing or redecorating your outdoor living area.
While these may not be the most exciting parts of planning your outdoor living space, they are vital to a smooth building and designing process. The side of the home on which you position your deck, patio, or other outdoor space, as well as what level (ground, second, third) will be affected by the natural lighting. Personal touches are what fill in gaps and bring to life your vision in a space where furnishing and lighting have provided a foundation.
Subscribe to our free newsletter to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, photo shoots, and more. Outdoor benches are always a major contributor in decoration of patio or garden of any home.
I am sure this picture must be reminding you of castle age well this isn’t castle age but trend of making outdoor benches is quite around. To make this beautiful bench with rocks you need to have round rocks and twistable iron wire. Well if you want to give a more natural touch to your outdoor and outdoor area is fairly large then I am sure you will love this easy outdoor bench idea.
If you are looking to challenge your skills here is an amazing rustic wood bench you can pick as your next DIY project.

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If you have always been one of those who love outdoors and being in the midst of nature, a rustic outdoor wedding may be the right choice for your special day.
Perhaps your log cabin already includes one of these architectural spaces, or maybe you are considering adding one on to your home.
All you need is rocks of same size preferably in square shape and about in size of 1 feet to 2 feet. For this particular DIY project you need some tools like hand saw and heavy drill machines. For instance, the flooring is among the first elements for you pay serious attention at simply because it has the ability to bring and set the stage within the area and the space of the kitchen while the remaining elements are made upon it. Either way, this article will answer your questions and provide inspiration for your rustic home design and decor. Now a day trend of making DIY Outdoor Bench is at full swing as these handmade benches are easy to make and one can save money by making DIY benches.
With the help of these rocks make foundation of the bench and for top either you can use same type of rocks or you can use marble. If you don’t have these tools worry not and try simple wood log bench ideas I have explained above. As you are thinking about creating a rustic outdoor kitchen kitchen, you might have to spend a little bit more time weighing the choice of the material for the flooring. Indeed, the rustic outdoor kitchen designs become more and more popular lately due to the fact that people start to see something different from this kind of design. Once you have made the frame and filled it with rocks to fill up the gap between rocks use clay or small sized rocks.

Take rectangular long bars of wood and fix on these logs with steel nails, drill machine and hammer. For making first two benches place two cinder blocks parallel to each other and place a wood pallets on the cinder blocks to make seat of bench. People start to see that the rustic outdoor kitchen designs could provide something unique in the kitchen outdoors without having the need of spending too much money in the process too. Keeping in mind all the facts and number of searches about DIY garden bench I have decided to give you some easy yet beautiful ideas about DIY outdoor bench to make at home. If you want to make modern outdoor bench then follow third picture where DIY bench with concrete blocks is shown. Yet, creating this kind of theme is not as hard as it looks as long as you know what to do about it right now.When you are in the middle of process of kitchen decoration, it might be such a better idea for you to put things according to the priority. Do remember to browse my posts about DIY landscaping ideas and DIY patio furniture ideas as well so that you can decorate your outdoor in style. If you want to make back use fairly square wooden bars to support the wood log that you will use to make back of bench.
Do not despair if you are not fond of taking on crafts; there are plenty of rustic decorations on the market! You have to get the one that could possibly withstand the wear and tear of the elements and do not forget the high traffic as well while giving such an amazing look within the area too.Then, do not forget the overhead structure that also plays a crucial role in the outdoor kitchen design since this is a kind of structure that enables and allows the users or the owners of the house to use your outdoor kitchen no matter what kind of weather is going on, it could be the blazing sun or pouring rain.

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