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Just looking at the images below helps me wonder if I ever had any organization in my scrapbooking efforts before the MiniBox.
Anyway, if you decide to purchase one of these fabulous scrapbooking storage units, then you might as well save yourself $100 on shipping. Oh, and come back here and leave a comment letting us all know how you are loving your new scrapbooking furniture!

Best craft organizer scrapbook storage, desks and furniture, Scrapbooking storage cabinets will hold your bead storage as well as lots of paper crafts and hobby supplies, get your craft supplies organized.
Scrapbooking has become one of the all time favorite hobbies and as a scrapbooker you know it is easy to be a little less than   Organized, but with the right kind of Storage System, it is easy to get organized and stay that way.
Are the models designed for commercial office furniture applications, or are they just for home furnishings and home offices.

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scrapbooking furniture storage solutions

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